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  1. Hey blades! My diy grow tent is almost ready! I just need to figure out how I'll grow in it. I have a 400w light, inside a modified indoor greenhouse. As of now it looks like this, although I may move the ballast to outside of it; and there is now a tray in the bottom for spilled water.
    Should I go for lots of small pots and go SOG or should I use larger pots and do 2 plants and LST + top/fim them? What size pots should I get?? These tiny details destroy me..
    (you can reference this thread for more details on it if need be.)

  2. Looks nice. My advice, do sog in smaller pots if you can get clones. If using seeds grow one plant in a 10 or 20 gal pot and train her to be 2' tall at the most, bushing out wide. That's what I would do anyway, good luck!!
  3. Hey SP, welcome to GC.
    Hey Not Sure, good to see ya around again.

    SP, my advice would be to move the ballast, fan and carbon filter outside the tent. But that will take some minor modifications since it appears you are using the same fan for the cool tube AND stink filtering. You will need an inlet in the bottom of the tent, big enough to handle the air flow from the fan. Otherwise the force of the fan will collapse your tent. And be sure the open end of the cool tube is as far away from the side wall as possible. Then run your ducting out the side / top of the tent, onto the inlet / suck side of the fan. Sit the outlet / blow side of the fan onto the carbon filter.

    Number of plants? Not Sure had one good idea, one plant in a big f-ing pot, train it aggressively, & fill the tent. But not sure your tent would handle a pot that big???
    Hard to gauge scale but I would guess your inside dimensions are about 2' X 3' ?
    Two plants in 5 gallon containers would make it easier to fill the tent with a shorter veg time.
    Personally, I like hydro. I'd try a couple of 5 gallon DWC / bubble buckets, or better still a recirculating DWC.
    And agree with Not Sure, SOG is probably best to wait until you have a mother you like & can take clones. SOG with mixed strains is manageable with experience, but a PITA if the strains' growth characteristics vary much at all.

    Hope this helps & bestaluck to ya.
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    1. Welcome? I've been here a while man almost to 500 posts..
    2. For the filter setup, I've heard many times it's better to suck than blow, if you catch my drift ;p.
    3. After multiple tests my fan setup is creating nice negative pressure, there are several 1" holes in the bottom as well.
    4. It also does not collapse. It is tight around the metal frame, (I know it looks loose but it's really tight)
    5. The open end is just until I get a second 4" to 6" ducting reducer, I accidentally ordered only 1. The right side of the cool tube will lead to the exhaust end.
    6. Thanks for the ideas on the plant setup, not sure yet trying to get some more opinions. I really like the idea of the two 5 gallons, but the only thing that's worrying me is they are so tall. I have roughly 3.5 feet between the base and the highest the light can go. Do you think if I trained them well I can pull it off? Or should I go with 3 gallon buckets instead?
    7. I don't think I'll do one big one, because for this grow I'm using some bagseed I have from some decent bud, *therefore they aren't feminized seeds so I don't want to get into flowering and find out that the one is a male. Better odds with 2 or more plants. (I don't want to ruin the kosher kush seeds I have in the fridge on my first attempt)
    8. Thanks a ton for the very HQ reply man I really appreciate it!
  5. Don't believe we've crossed paths before, so Welcome anyway!!! I only meet strangers once. Unless I forget :).
    On the filter setup, the air exchange and odor filtering should be identical regardless of the order. The air loss & filtering capacity comes mainly from bends in your ducting, and to a much leseer extent the length of your ducting. Just be sure all the joints are sealed. I REALLY hate to see you lose all that interior growing room to your filter and ducting. If the filter & fan are outside, the duct always stays even with the light & doesn't rob any plant room.
    I should have been more specific when I said 5 gallon containers. I use rectangular tote style containers for exactly the reason you mentioned, they are shorter than 5 gallon bucket DWC's. And yes, you could use a 3 gallon, but your working nutrient capacity on these will only be about 1 to 1 & 1/2 gallons. Top off frequently, or best still set them up as an RDWC with a little reservoir and hydro pump outside your tent. SOOOO much easier to check your nute pH and ppm's in an outside reservoir than inside a bubble "bucket" inside a tent.
    With 3.5', you're gonna get lots of practice with your LST, and that's a good thing. Look up my buddy D Norris' grow threads, she's the LST queen & has good pic's of her technique. You can make it work.

    Ahhhh, good bag seed... smart for your first grow in a new setup. I'd go with 4 RDWC's, and hope for two girls. If you get 3 or 4, you're close enough to SOG to learn the techniques.

    Keep us posted & bestaluck to ya.
    Thanks man! I'm definitely doing just a normal soil grow. I think I'll go with 5 gallon pots! I am going to go find D Norris' grow now. Yay I need something to read.
    Sounds like a plan to me with me, I'll start in 3 gallon pots with 4 plants; once I toss the males (hoping for 2) I'll either LST if 2, or SOG if 3-4. If I get <= 2; 5 gallons, if > 2; keep in 3 gallons.
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    Looks good mate, I'm about to partake in a similar first grow soon too.
    From what I can tell if you put a bit of effort in and train the plants properly then SCROG can yield a great return for less plants used in a small area.
    Only problem is if you don't have feminized seeds or clones it can be a bit tricky. I'm thinking individual screens for each plant then if I get a male I can just pull that plant and screen out.
  8. Vapor, I think you'll be happier in the long run if you don't try separate screens for each plant. Problem is, once you pull a male plant out, you are already in bloom so it's too late to veg the remaining plants long enough to fill in the spaces left behind. Now, start with fem seeds, you got something. But SCROG is a bit more complicated, so until you're comfortable with your skills, do a regular grow or two. Use this to dial in your grow area, take some clones and hold them, pick your best mother, then try SCROG the next grow with a full screen.
    SCROG is very effective for yield, and is a great tool for a limited headroom grow. But for a first or second grow, I'd recommend against it. You'll have enough to keep you busy at first without the extra work. Then, go for it. It definitely will solve a lot of problems.

    Down for the count tonight, see you Bud's later.
  9. Hey SP, if you didn't find D's threads, start here:
    Scroll to my post # 45 for a starter, then down a couple more to hers at #47. Couple of good pic's she posted there, plus links to her grow journals in that post as well.

    A little friendly advice, though, don't piss her off. Her brother Chuck is afraid of HER.
    Once, she threatened to kill me and bury me in my garden. I moved out of the country.
    Thanks for the advice mate, I do appreciate it.
    I have been thinking of doing something a bit more standard just worried I won't get much of a good yield. Like the OP I have limited space with filters and things and, not really any room for cloning or anything like that. I also don't have access to fem seeds unless I order them from overseas.
    I'll start looking more into LST.
  11. Hey Vapor, don't expect miracles for your first couple of tries & you won't be disappointed.
    And you don't have to go ape shit crazy for cloning like I do. A 12 quart Sterilite container from WalMart will hold (15) 2" net pots / clones, more than enough for one or two from each plant during a grow. Any in-used holes you can plug with a 2" neoprene collar that plugs right into an extra net pot. Add a 23W cool white CFL and a clip-on aluminum reflector from Home Depot, an aquarium pump and a 12" air stone, and you're in business. Find your girls the first grow, hold enough clones for your next grow, and you're in business on a small scale. One foot of horizontal space in a closet corner is all you need.
    Otherwise, yeah, you have to order fem seeds. But it's worth it... probably the best thing you can to to improve your yields. I've done as bad a 2 out of 10 girls, and as good as 8 out of 10. But if you need 4 plants, it's the only other way to go.
    Until you get some grows behind you, and more room, and learn to make your own fem seeds, which the cloning prepares your for. So hell, why not go for it (the cloning, that is)? Speeds the learning process & gets you one step closer to "next time".

    Hope this helps, bestaluck to ya.
  12. I already have about 60watts of CFL's that I'm going to use to get the seedlings going until they're big enough to switch over to the 250W MH, maybe I could re-use them to get some clones going under the canopy of the mothers? I'm using a lucky dip bag of strains so I probably should get use to cloning so I can focus on the strains I like.

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