what should i do about seeds, please give imput

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  1. ok as the title says... heres the deal, ive wanted to grow blueberry for a long time, the original blueberry, 5 fem seeds are gonna run around 100$ however a few weeks ago i was BLESSED to come across some apollo. after wanting to grow that too i suddenly came across, BLUE APOLLO... 25%blue 75% apollo. sounds like thats EXACTLY what i want. however they are not femmed, so i guess i would have to roll the dice on getting females.

    my biggest question is if i watch my plants EVERYDAY the second i see that its a male, and destroy it, COULD it be too late, and the females be polinated? i DEFINATLY dont want any seeds in my bud. ive heard stories of males polinating females, from distances, much less right beside each other.. if thats the case i would go with the fem bluberry, if its all the matter of just sniping it before it gets bad, then i would get the blue apollo.

    10 seeds non femed 50 bucks blue apollo.
    5 seeds femmed blueberry 100

    but main thing is not wanting seeds in the bud, but i dont mind having some males out of the batch as long as they wont mess me up. what would you do
  2. I would go with the Blue Apollo. And you will have plenty of time to remove the males before they pollinate the females, because the pollen sacks have to be developed and then have to burst open. When the plants start showing sex just remove the males (the ones with balls). Check out spanishfly's thread on sexing marijuana.

    Another reason NOT to go with the femminized seeds is because they have a certain tendency to become hermaphrodites when under stress. And since this is your first grow you will most likely make mistakes that will put your plants under a lot of stress.

  3. wow, words or wisdom. i appreciate the quick reply and i think your right, i also knew the femmed seeds tend to herm, if they are stressed out or if you cough in the wrong direction :D

    but as for growing, it will be my first grow, but my buddy has had about 8 harvests of nothing but blueberry so he's got me covered, he knows them pretty well!

    im gonna grow some blue apollo, GC get ready, wont start till end of OCT though

    thanks again man

  4. I voted for Blue Apollo because there was no option for Apollo. I thought your post made it seem as though you already had Apollo seeds when you said "...a few weeks ago i was BLESSED to come across some Apollo".

    Don't pay more for fem seeds. Planting 10 regular seeds could yield 8 females for half the price, and you're likely to get 5 females.

    Don't worry about not being able to identify the males in time, it really isn't that difficult assuming you have some idea of what to look for.

    As a first time grower you'll want to make sure the dark period is completely pitch black for the entire flowering cycle. That is what got my first plants seeded, light stress that turned them hermi.

    Have happy horticulture!
  5. awesome yeah im gonna get the blue apollo, as for the lighting it will be underground so no big deal there, ill have it controlled and i will def be able to tell the sex as i have seen the sex show tons of times, from a grower friend, i just didnt know how long it took to pollinate, so as soon as i see them ill trash them... good call on the blue apollo, thanks man
  6. ived smoked the appollo once and it was fantasic. i wonder what the hybrid of blue is like.
  7. my guess is probably a grade lower than heaven on earth...

  8. You should ask your buddy for a clone! :p
  9. he had 8 ready for me, and i couldnt take them yet, he is done growing for a while after this last harvest and he was moving into a new house so he couldnt store them another week so they were trashed :(

    lets not talk about it.. makes me sick...



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