What should I do about my girlfriend

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  1. Alright so I've been dating this girl for a little over a year now. It's been going good until now. Recently she puts me second to everything. Her friends. School activities and shit like that. I asked her not to go to something and she said I'm unfair and make her miserable. I thought that was ridiculous considering I buy her a lot of things and basically said she didn't want to be with mr if I was gonna do that. I obviously wanna be with her but she doesn't put anything into this relationship. What do you think I should do
  2. Bro, been there... not so much the me making her miserable but the her making me second but that was for school and work etc because she has a srs future planned out.

    Imo stop buying her so much stuff just be you let her be her and if things dont work its not meant to be?, if you make her miserable but buy stuff for her shes most likely using you.
  3. Oh god, how much money have you spent on her? What have you boughten her?
  4. sounds like your overly clingy and sounds like shes overly bitchy

  5. lmao^

    but dude been in the same situation, an it didnt get better. Im sure you care for her a lot but it seems she doesn't feel the same appreciation for you tho, tell her straight she's being a bitch an needs to respect you if she wants to be with you if not tell her to take a hike, don't let her take control of you.
  6. Hahaha I haven't bought her like crazy shit. Just dinner. Coffee in the morning. Shit like that. When she's with me I usually just pay for everything. And I'm not clingy. Just kinda feel dis respective
  7. make trick orgasm tonight and say do I still make you feel miserable?
  8. if both of you arent happy, its not meant to be. its hard to come to terms with this, but if its not meant to be it probably wont get better... in rare cases counseling works but most the time its not even worth it..
    good luck bro. women are a mysterious bunch for sure.:smoke::smoke:

  9. thats what im sayin dude sounds like she doesnt respect you enough. Tell he straight up tho for real confront her about it an get pissed off and take charge think about what you wanna say carefully an then speak your mind to her she'll get the point..
  10. Just slowly distance yourself, and if your paths don't seem to cross then it just wasn't meant to be man.
  11. Three words my man: fuck that bitch.
  12. You should probably start hitting her.

  13. +1 lol.
  14. ^^lol yes. Really though, if I were with anybody and they said that I made them 'miserable'....that'd be the end right there....whats left after you say something like that to someone you are supposed to care about most in the world?....leave that bitch on the curb.

  15. dude i just guffawed like a retard when i read that

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