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  1. OK so my dealer is going to sell me an eighth, and i told him i want to weigh it before i buy it, and hes not allowing me to do that. he said if its not 3.5 g then whatever...WTF???!! who does that and what shud i do i dont know anyother dealers

  2. He's not a true dealer if he won't let you see it on scale.

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  3. If he won't let you see it weighed then you need find a new dealer.
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    When you pay him give him less and when he busts you about it tell him, "If it's not $40 (or whatever price he's charging) then whatever."
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    Don't tell him that. Tell him "Fuck you, don't pull that shit with me. I'm buying from someone else."
    Edit: In other words, don't be a submissive pussy to your dealers. They'll just continue to rip you off.
    That isn't being submissive, it's being clever. He doesn't want to scale out your herb, don't count out your money.
    Being clever? Allowing some guy to continue to play back and forward with you is clever?
    Being clever is not allowing someone to attempt to fuck you over, because that's the kind of guy you don't want to do business with. Period.
  8. Generally it's not a good sign when a dealer won't weight it in front of you.

    If he's been a consistent dealer you may have hurt is trust by asking him to weigh it in front of you.

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    I agree, and I'd let a dude gnaw rocks if he ever said that to me - I have no problem finding my herb elsewhere. But OP doesn't have an elsewhere to go to, and I don't believe that the first reaction to a undesirable event should ever be the instant hostility of "fuck you." Then you're just two stupid animals bumping chests for dominance.
    You're not certain you're getting 3.5 grams, don't pay for 3.5 grams. It sends the message a little more intelligently than straight up aggression.

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