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What should I buy?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DemonicGman, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. I gave away my pipe for some stupid reason. And I am now without anything to smoke with. I smoked with a bubbler recently and that was pretty good.
    I'm wondering if I should get a bubbler, a pipe, or a bong.

    I'm leaning towards a simple pipe with a nice sized bowl because I need something easy to transport, fairly concealable and that isn't too pricey. I found a nice blue one here with good reviews for $24. If anyone knows of anything better let me know before I go and buy it. Thanks!
  2. If your leaning towards pipe i recommend buying the Bubb.

    I have owned a few Bubblers now and i have to say that they are the superior smoking device. Portable and water cooled. MMMMMMmmmm... In fact! Ima go smoke now :smoke:
  3. I might have to go and buy it. It was so awesome. Have a good smoke.
  4. Honestly if you want something easy to transport and for personal use you cant beat a nice dugout! Ive got a variety of pipes,bongs,sishas,bubblers u name it. But a dugout is the best way to go especially if your going to be traveling with it. Hope this helps. Rock on
  5. I bought my first pipe for $20 only bad thing is the hole is a bit big so bud falls through but other than that I love it, so is go with a pipe.
  6. I absolutely love my bubbler. It's nearly two years old now and it's taken a serious beating. It's a "hammer" styled bubbler and it is very thick. I fell off my bike to have it as the first thing to hit the ground. it bruised my leg so damned badly but it's still with me with just a small scratch on the glass. sometimes, I don't use water and smoke it dry but either way it's a great device. I wouldn't get a bong if I were you as you they aren't ideal for concealing.
  7. Awesome info guys. Much appreciated. I've located a nice bubbler on the store site that I'll pick up.
  8. ya dude bubblers are dope, they let you take massive rips, the only downside is that they tend to smell worse faster but if you clean it when it starts to smell to dank you should be good
  9. Ya they do smell bad.. I clean my or atleast i try to clean mine a couple times a week.. Sometimes i just dont have time... Also filling it can be a bitch depending on what kinda Bub you get.

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