what should i buy

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  1. im thinking about buying a new piece this friday should i get

    1. crazy lookin spoon
    2. dry sherlock (not a bubbler)
    3. Glass blunt

    well vote and whatever wins ill buy and will post it up on here
  2. What else do you have?

    If you already have a decent spoon u should just get a glass blunt.
    If you don't have anything get the sherlock.
  3. I think you should get the Sherlock:D
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    i already have a spoon but its a liquid filled freeze piece and only like to use it when i freeze it

    i had a glass blunt but it broke because i was high

    and i just digg sherlocks

    just some extra info: i have a
    24in beaker bottom roor with tree a/c, i/c, diffuser that i got at the THC Expo 2009 about $700
    16in zong
    Black Da Buddha Vaporizer
    single chamber sherlock bubbler
    my handy freezer pipe that glows in the dark
  5. sounds like you should go for the sherlock then! :wave:
  6. Sherlock for sure, especially if you like them :) Glass blunts are cool but I would rather have a real blunt or a spoon.
  7. ill probably buy the sherlock depending on how these votes go
    ima just see the end results on friday
  8. After seeing what you already own, a sherlock would be a great addition.
  9. Sherlock all the way. Here is mine =D (His name is Reptar):


  10. nice id get something like that
  11. Glass Blunt. So classy looking.
  12. get the glass blunt.
  13. If you don't mind my asking, how much money are you looking to drop?
  14. about 100 ill probably buy the sherlock since its winning and if i have money left over ill buy a glass blunt
  15. Best is smoking and picking out new hardware, enjoy
  16. I plan on ordering a glass blunt pretty soon. They are very nice and convenient
  17. you could use a glass blunt like a blunt and a chillum its like 2 in 1
  18. What do you mean by that? What is the difference between a glass blunt and a chillum?

  19. A glass blunt is like a chillum but just with a longer bowl so you can load a blunts worth of bud.

    Update wasn't able to buy the piece this Friday because I has no ride so I rescheduled for this Friday which means I will have more money:)

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