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What should i buy with my first paycheck?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ganja999, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. I got a nice paying job now, First paycheck i'm debating on either buying a quarter or a half oz of some fire bud.

    On average, to all the heavy tokers how long does a half OZ usually last you?
  2. Get a half. Only like $50-$70 more than a quarter (around here) and twice the amount.
    If your buying that much you should get a cheap little scale to 1) to make sure your not getting ripped off and 2) you can weigh out how much you want to smoke each day (say 1g or .5g a day) and it will last you 2 weeks plus that way. And if one of your friends needs a gram you can hook them up and make a few bucks.
    Get dank weed to, not worth it if it is shitty weed.
  3. Buy a nice glass... that's what i did with my first pay-check
  4. And by nice i don't mean waste 600 dollars on one, buy a nice 60-130 dollar piece and get a half as Dawq said.
  5. Yeah I would invest in a nice smoking piece but all on weed isnt a bad choice either :d
  6. I'd either get half o, or a nice ass bong
  7. I would probably spend my paycheck on bills, gas, food, etc. before I would be trying to figure out how to drop it all on a bag of pot, honestly. Are you working just to buy weed? What happens when you have actual bills to pay?
  8. Half ounce would last me half the month, but im trying to work it down to about a .5 a day versus a full gram

    If you could buy a half ounce and make it last till the end of the month, your golden. The problem i find is when i have it in bulk it gets smoked SO much faster... to the point that it LOSES me money hahaha

    For that reason i try to buy an 8th a week... usually only lasts 4 days though haha
  9. I say I usually smoke 1.0 a day, if Im with homies however Ive smoked full 60 sacks in a day. Im trying to have a homie over tonight and we're gonna smoke at least 3.0.
  10. Pay your bills first and maybe put some away for savings. Unless this is a reward for the new job, then get a nice piece, it'l be with you much longer than the weed will.
  11. buy a nice bong with waffle percs..
  12. Gas and blunts
  13. I have a few decent bongs, by No means Roor standards but they work. I'm not working just to smoke, it just gives me something to look forward to when i get home from a hard day of work. I guess i'm just going to go with a half OZ. The only problem is the standard price around here is 200.00 a half give or take depending on strain. I do plan on getting some better glass though later on.
  14. Buy the half if you can afford it because your going to smoke it all eventually might as well save a little cash buy buying in "bulk"

  15. I get paid 450.00 every week. I work most close to 60 hours a week now. I dont work just to buy weed. If i did that i would just grow. When bills come they get paid. First take care of head.
  16. Heavy but efficient smoker. 1 gram a day with a bong or bubbler works out to 3 to 4 smokes a day. So, two weeks for a half o.
  17. wtf? 450 a week for 60 hrs?

    Sorry to say bro, that's rough. Might wanna save.

  18. Thats after taxes and everything took out. It's hard to find a decent job around here making more than minimum wage.

  19. Yeah sounds like it man. I work about 40 hrs a week, usual paycheck is around 650, and I'm by no means financially secure.
  20. Like everyone else said try to pay bills first. But if you have extra bread to spend you should get a quarter and a no name bubbler. Then start saving for a nice bong.

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