What Should I Buy? Amazing New Hookups

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Pilsbury dBoy, Nov 22, 2008.

  1. Im pretty much like a kid in a candy store right now because I just met a dude today who has quite the menu of goodies. My other friend just decided to start dealing too so im pretty much hooked up for a good long while. I can get any of the following from one of my hookups within a day's notice. Heres the prices that Im dealin with (in Cleveland).

    3 rolls for $25
    1g of good coke- $50
    Oz of some fire ass mids- $120 (8th for 20, 1/2 for 60... etc.)
    OC's- $15 for a 20 mg
    Clonazepams- $7 for a 2 mg
    Vics- $2 each for the 5/500s
    Shroomies- $30 an 8th
    8th of Diesel- $55
    8th of Cali Dank- $55
    8th of Northern Lights #5- $55
    8th of Mango Kush- $55
    Xanax Bars- $10 for a 2 mg
    Opium- $15 a gram
    And practically every other pharm out there. All I have to do is ask :D

    Given my situation, what would you buy with $100?
  2. those bars and kpins should be 3-5 dollars avg price
  3. I would totally split it between Mango Kush and Northern Lights. Wish I could get some kush right now so bad!!! If you do the same you won't be disappointed I promise.

  4. 2 eights of mushrooms
    An Eighth of "Fire ass middies"
    Gram of Opium
    And a pack of cigarettes. :)
  5. Eh...now that I think about it a gram of coke and some kush for afterwards would be pretty cool. Coke to get super high and kush to sit your ass back down on the couch :D
  6. id spend it all opium
  7. His scripts are way over priced, but I'd get the coke, and find another $5 and get the Northern lights.
  8. xannies should be 5 dolla

    but his opium is fucking cheap as hell---buy it while you can

    I'd personally get a gram of coke and uhhhh the rollsssssss anddddd a gram of op :yummy:
  9. Northern Lights
    3 Rolls
    2 Xanex
  10. Diesel, shrooms and an OC
  11. personally id get.,

    mango kush
    newports :D
  12. I definitely second this. Gotta love the king ports.
  13. I would get another $15 then get 3 rolls, a half o of mids, and an 8th of shrooms. Might try and get a kpin for the comedown as well.
  14. 3 rolls
    1/2 oz of mid (id rather have 14 grams of damn good weed as opposed to 3.5 of really damn good weed)
    g of opium to top it off
  15. Exactly what he said.
  16. 5gs of opium, an OC20, and 2mg xanax. Just be careful that the opium isn't black tar heroin or fake shit. Real opium inside the US is extremely rare.
  17. diesel and shrooms is the way to go
  18. I would buy some shrooms, an 8th of mango kush, and an OC.
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    eighth of mango kush, three rolls and a eighth of mushies.
    hippy flipping with some good bud. :D.
    all you need is $10 more. :p.

    just dont buy the kpins or bars cause those prices are jacked.
  20. pay 5 extra bucks and get

    1 gram coke
    8th shrooms

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