what should i add to my fox farms ocean forest????

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by capecodkid, Sep 11, 2009.

  1. should i add extra perlite,worm castings etc...........:confused:
  2. Adding Fox Farm Light Warrior will help the Ocean Forest have better drainage. Ocean Forest already has basically everything your plant needs for at least three or four weeks.
  3. I added perlite to mine (4:1 soil to perlite) and the plants are doing great.
  4. I agree with BOTH the above posts! You can add "Light Warrior" OR just at Perlite for drainage, but the "Ocean Forrest" will have PLENTY of nutrients for your plant through the first SEVERAL weeks of vegging!
    Good Luck! :smoke:
  5. Add about 1 part perlite to 4 parts FFOF.
  6. I use it straight out of the bag.

    I used to add perlite but I saw no difference in yields, only a more demanding watering schedule.
  7. Well those kinds of things are preferences. There are advantages to watering more frequently.
  8. Um yeah, thats why I used "I" statements. :wave:

    Who needs advantages when we have skill. :D J/K

    But seriously, my soil pots need watering every other day, if I wanted to water every day I would go soiless and water by hand.

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