What should I add to my Cobs?

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  1. I have a 300w 6 Cob (CitizenCLU048) set up I bought from timber grow lights, I unfortunately was at the end of my first run in when I got them and I haven't been able to do a Full Grow yet with these but I replaced a 600 W MH/HPS and grew an average of 5 plants and harvested pretty well first time DWC, second time Hempy(coco). I want to know what you guys think after asking Dan what's the best option to add to what I currently have with a 4 x 4 grow tent? Trying not to spend another 500 bucks. Wondering if it's cheaper to build my own car kit and learned that or buy a quantum board kit $200 for 135 W.

    This is what I have now

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  2. Screenshot_20170809-151007.png maybe something like that? You could add 3 more with that driver if you want.
  3. There was new qbs just added that aren't very strong but can help quite a bit. You can get them for 25 bucks a piece. Best part no heatsink needed! Just a driver for the boards. Tbone shuffle did a whole post on em and i picked up 2 for vegging

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  4. This is what I would do. Screenshot_20170809-155609.png
  5. It's funny you mention it. I had a great first grow on 3x200w citizens and had great results compared to my p4-xml2 which is no slouch either. My buddy was so impressed with my 600w grow he bought a 200w system but he tried putting them over 6 plants in a 2x4 tent. To show him how much more he would get I removed one set of lights and did a comparative grow starting the same day but I would use twice the power but my tent is 3x5 otherwise we both did 6 plants.

    Now or comparative grow is over I am debating moving that timber set back in that tent (I have been using it in my veg tent) or of I want to add 2 90w quantum panels in between the cobs. Ideally I would like them to use the same driver but that won't happen. Otherwise I may just buy another cob kit to put in there. I am trying to research quantum the past day or so.
  6. Ya you have the frame work already so why not add onto it with some more cobs or put in two quantum boards. One centered in-between the cobs.

    Question though, are you wanting a more even spread? Or just more light period?
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    Thx alot. Let me know what you go with. So you have a 3 x 5? So that's a little smaller than a 4 x 4 hmm i'm concerned definitely because I haven't had a full run yet with my new card set up and my normal routine is about 5 to 6 plants and I have done pretty well on the yield part and I'm worried that if I don't get a little bit more "hamburger in the taco", my-year-olds will suffer and will have maybe airy buds.
    I'm thinking the same as you may be a QB board in the middle with another driver the problem with that is I don't want to learn how to Soldering because of time and tapping is it possible we can find what we're looking for without having to tap and Soldering?
    The weird thing also is when I took out my 600 W HPS at the end of flowering when I hook everything up and turned it all the way up, it "seemed" just as bright as my 600 W hps no doubt. Absolutely love the dimming feature and 3500 K not having to change bulbs and of course heating issues no more.
    I got so many things to think about as it is because I have everything right now packed up I wasn't supposed to do another run in this shit hole.
    Next time I put my lights up I will redo the frame because I don't like the driver on one side affecting the balance so much once I hung it up I really realized having it balanced is important for me
    Building the frame made me have to learn riveting which was cool
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  8. Everything I said to the other guy applies to you too thanks a lot appreciate it.
    Your part list on there looks like what I'm thinking but what other stuff would you have to do like what I have to tap the heat sink or any soldering going on? Step-by-step instructions maybe once you do get the parts and I am familiar with growmou5's vids. But wondering if there's other websites with step-by-step that people maybe he can recommend I put together my frame and carbs from timber no problem just following directions pushing the wire into its place no soldering involved or tapping that's what I'm looking for

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  9. I'm not convinced that would be money well spent if I had two or $300 or even $100 I'm not sure I would go that route. Do you have a link to that other post you were talking about?

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  10. You have two pictures on there looks awesome not sure which one you meant but the one for 225 looks perfect for my wallet. I think that with what I got would probably definitely be enough. Hopefully I could figure something out because I'm concerned in the end all end up with very fluffy buds otherwise

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  11. I'm planning on hempy bucket again this time and I've always grown Fem seeds and I don't have any all i got is Regs unless i buy more. so I'm wondering how different it's going to be if I decide to run some seeds that may turn out to be male.

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  12. Hey are you saying on the second picture for 300+ it's still one driver like the other option but that one driver instead of three lights can handle that many more cobs?

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    Ok so the first cheaper picture has the same driver as the second. I put it on the first setup just in case in the future you wanted to add 3 more lights. You could use the hlg-185-1400 If you only plan on ever adding 3 more. It's only $50 I believe so it will take another 50 off that total.

    Actually I would grab a hlg-240-2100 and drive those 3 cobs a bit harder and add 226w with 3 cobs. Also the cobs I showed have poke in connectors so no need to solder.
  14. I was thinking of using this in the center of 4 of my timbers. So that would make for 2 of these with 400 watts of cob.

    Then again maybe I will just put my other 200 watt timbers back in with the others and just hang a double board of these in my veg tent.

    But these don't require soldering if that bothers you.

    135W QB LED Kit
  15. This is the setup I have in my 4x2. Has a QB in the middle. 20170624_215213.jpg
  16. Ok guys last night I just paid and bought my new ad on lights let me know if you think I made a bad decision if it's enough for a 4 x 4 tent with about six Hempy buckets.

    I decided on going with 260 W Quantum Boards at 3000k for $350

    So this means I already have 300 W of 6 Cobs Citizens from Timbergrowlights and I would think that would be good for veg at 300w 3500k then when flipping to flower run them both with the quantum boards at 3000k for a total of 560 w.

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  17. I'm so excited but I hope I don't have to do much work to put it together or soldering or tapping or anything like that I don't think so

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  18. Anyone know the diameters and size of the heat sink so I know how I'm going to integrate it into my other cobs?

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