what should be the water PH for cloning?

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    I have looked all over the internet. No mention of PH for cloning at all. Is any PH okay?
    I am using jiffy pallets as medium, do they need a particular range of PH?

    Also, what should be the light distance for cloning? should Lighting be less intense than usual states of growth? should I treat it the same as a new seedling?
    I usually have new seedlings 15-20 inches away from 150watts led panels. Is that good enough?

    Also, should I pour water on the bottom of the clone tray, or is spraying water on the leaves enough?
  2. I clone in a cloner which is aeroponics I believe. So I just clone to aeroponics hydro specs which is 5.8ish
    I would just PH it to the same you're gonna be doing with whatever medium you are using.
    As far as the lights, 15-20 inches is quite short but I don't deal with 150watt lights. Rule of thumb for me is to start at the 25-30 inch distance and go from there. If that plants strech, bring it closer. If they stunt, bring it further away.
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