What should be my first piece ever?

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  1. Hey everyone, I am looking to buy my first piece ever. Honestly I am new to all of this, and I don't have much knowledge when it comes to buying. Basically if you could fill me in on what type of pipe is best for a beginner, that would be great. (I'm looking for answers in pipe length, size of bowl, etc.) thanks everyone!:wave:
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    Dry glass spoon, anywhere from 3-6 inches, with a carb.
    EX: [​IMG]

    In this blade's opinion, that is what EVERY stoner should start with.

    -Metal (anywhere on the device)
    -Water pieces (for now)
    -Rubber Grommets (assuming you ignored the last point)
    -Anything over $35

    I'd go to a LHS to get my piece, it supports local glass blowers.

    Enjoy your shopping bud! :smoke:
  3. i have to agree with him^
  4. Agreed with bob. Also don't get anything to short in length, they tend to burn your lips and that's never fun.
    Happy tokin! :bongin: :hello:
  5. Couldnt have said it better myself! Honestly a cheap lil glass spoon like that is a great idea. Your almost certainly going to break your first piece so it might as well be a cheap one instead of a $300+ gong haha. Spoons are easy to transport, pretty much idiot proof to use, and as long as you go glass it will be a smooth hitter.

    Things to remember when picking one out:

    Get one with a good sized bowl- not too deep, put your thumb in it and it should fit most of your nail in. bout a half inch deep is perfect.

    Check the hole in the bowl- you dont want this too big or else bud and ash will pull through. something about the size of a lead pencil tip would be great. if your hearts set on a piece but the hole is huge, get some screens. you really shouldnt need them though ideally.

    Get one with a comfortable carb position!- some people prefer a lefty carb, some a righty. I like mine on the left so I can roll my thumb off it, but some clumsy people find this difficult and can drop the piece like this.
  6. Hell yeah JTK I Like my carb left too because I light right. Good Advice Fellas. Especially like the comment about supporting local glass blowers.

    Another aspect of glass bowl anatomy that I ALWAYS observe before purchasing is the size of the hole for the carb and the mouth piece. It effects the flow rate of the smoke(how easy it is to hit) and cleaning. I go for the biggest carb on the thickest glass.(double or triple blown) I like a carb big enough for a Q-tip to fit in. Makes cleaning so much easier because you know once you toke a half-o or so of the kind nugs through there its gonna get clogged. Think Ahead and happy toking.


  7. Try to get the crab on the left so its not a lefty bowl...i accidently bought one once.

    Try to hav the bowl big (where you pack the weed) and a small whole in the bowl compared to a large one.
  8. Don't forget to pick up some screens if you get a pipe
  9. very useful information in here.

    +1 on a spoon, can't really go wrong for a first piece.
  10. Where do you guys suggest to get a glass spoon? I live in a big city in Canada but they run from 50$+! Totally unwilling to spend that much on a first piece. :p
    (Also, just poor.)
  11. Definetely a glass spoon for a first piece. You can probably get a nice one for $10-15.
  12. just go to your lhs, i wouldn't buy glass online unless you know exactly what it is that you want. i feel like you need to observe them in person, hold them, feel them, smell, lick, take on a date, drop on the floor (at your own risk) etc before deciding on one.

    no offense to gc but most of their pieces look really boring/generic and cookie-cutter like.
  13. Spoons are great and all, but I've personally never been a fan of them. Since its your first piece im sure it would work for you, but I would consider getting a glass on glass diffused travel tube from ssfg.

    Oh, and in regards to an earlier post, double and triple blown are just terms used by headshops to make their pieces sound better. You dont want to base your purchase off of something being "double blown"
  14. If you are just looking for something to get you started I think everyone is right about the simple spoon. They are super portable, you can use them without a grinder and everyone usually buys one anyways.

    Word of advice, don't get a super small spoon. In my experience they tend to hit harsher than larger spoons (around 6") and they aren't much more stealth at all.

    My spoon is a small 3.5" black glass one and it hits really harsh. The smoke feels hot and I cough like crazy when I hit it (I don't like it very much at all). My friends all have much larger dry pipes that are far more pleasant to use.

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