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What should be done?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by stoned_soldier, Aug 11, 2003.

  1. The number one thing that angers me when toking is that idiot that always blows into my bong. What should be done with this guy? It's my weed and bong by the way. What's a good punishment?

  2. Don't smoke with him anymore...
  3. umm.... i got some
    1. bite him
    2. murder his family
    3. as the princess said, DONT SMOKE WITH HIM
    4. kidnap an animal of his
    5. tell kim what he is doing, and to stop, thats all i got fer now...
  4. dont smoke with him anymore... who the hell would blow INTO the bong... dumbass!
  5. poke em with a stick

  6. lol at all the comments so far, i suggest just threaten him, be like man dont be blowin in my bong, if you do it again, i aint smokein with you anymore, then if he does it again, jet
  7. buy a cattle prod he blows into that bong and *ZAP* he never does again hehehehehehehehehe and thenif its funny do it again hehehehehe <<<< im baked
  8. It depends, if it's just some goofy newb then tell him to stop cuz it's wasting your herb, burning your carpet and killing your high. If it's just some dumbass who smokes a lot but doesn't care what he does when high tell him that next time you guys will smoke a little less so he doesn't get so high that he loses control.

    I also liked the cattle prod idea.
  9. This guy is just a dude that hangs out with my smoking buddy. I only smoked with him once and he thinks that EVERYTHING is funny. I like the occasional non-stop laugh but this guy's out of control. On top of that he's the only one that spilled my bong. That sound "SSSSssss" that extinguishes my herbs is so frustrating. It's like "NOOOO!! My herbs!!"

    Anyways, I was looking for some kind of answer like for example, for now, I just say that he forfeits the next round. That's as far as I got with that. I was too high to give him any real punishment. Bah, this sucks, I'm out of herbs!!! I'M GONNA GO NUTS!!!
  10. I say if you blow into the bong then your a rookie and a rookie should get the leftover bong water dumped on him
  11. why in the hell would he blow in your bong if youve already told him once or several times not to do it? definitely tell him youll stop smoking him up if he doesnt stop messing up your stuff, wasting your bud, whatever. tell him that if he doesnt know how to smoke the right way, he cant smoke with you at all.
  12. Just tell him if he does it he can't smoke any of the next bowl and hold to it.
  13. If he can't control it, tell him that for everytime he blows into the bong or spills it, he's gotta take a shot of bong water...

    If he still keeps blowing into your bong and spilling it after he's downed all the used bong water...
    Rip his nuts off and smash em with a frying pan...

  14. hahahahahahhahahahhahahahahhahahahah

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