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What should an average dime look like?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by CallMehTep, Jul 23, 2012.

  1. I haven't smoked in a while since I haven't been able to find anyone to get off of but I finally found someone and 1 1/2 out of 3 bags he gave me were broken up a lot or grinded shitty. It relatively looks like a dime but I'm not sure since I stated that I haven't toked in a while and I don't remember around what a dime should look like. Also, I said 1 1/2 because another bag has partially broken up peices but also some small nugs.


    One that isn't broken up:

    One that is broken up into little nugs and some small pieces:

    One that is mostly broken up completely:
  2. Usually like this :smoke:

  3. [quote name='"HBGBUB"']Usually like this :smoke:


    Dammit I was gonna do that.

  4. You want me to retake the pics and compare it again for you? I just compared it to the dime bag because I thought that can give a good estimate to whether or not it's a dime or not.

  5. As I said to the person above you, would you like to retake the pics and compare it to a quarter?
  6. I was just messin around. Get the joke?

    Anyway, it looks kinda close depending on quality. Maybe a little short but I don't buy dimes and if I ever give one away its too my buddies so its always a little fatter
  7. lol he was just posting a pic bc u asked what does a dime look like... thats a dime lol.

    If a dime is 19 dollars worth, id say its good. looks about right for my area at least

  8. lol now I get the joke. At first I thought that's what you wanted me to compare it to but it's funny now that I see it is suppose to me a joke. But anyway my dealer has some dank shit he says compared to anyone around here so it probably is.
  9. If you mean by you get your dimes for 19 dollars, here, where I live, I get it for 10 dollars. So, do you think its an average dime still?
  10. Those bags are what we call "shake" .. It's hard to tell from pics but it looks like a ten bag .. Just buy a skizz

  11. I know that it is a 10 bag but since most of it is broken up, its for me to tell if its an actually 10 or not. But, what is a "shake" ?
  12. Get a scale. I bought mine for $8 on amazon.. Pre calibrated and is great. :p

  13. Dammit lol sorry bout that i meant 10, not 19 lol thatd be an odd amount to pay. :p

    I would say thats an average 10 dollar bag, assuming the weed is good.
  14. That's about right. Buying dime bags is just a big no-no in my books though.

  15. He gave me three bags to try. He said that I start to buy more and he will start to trust me. He said once he trusts me I'll get hooked up. Then he made a circle with his pointer finger and thumb and said I'll then give you this much for 10. The circle he made looked like a good 30 or so. Of course if it's not broken up. Nug wise it does.
  16. Bro the last 2 pictures are shake from the end of his bag probably I use to have those at the end of my bags when *****s sold me reggies. I typically only want the nug but it looks like a nickel when its in nug form because of the density if its dense then it might be dime if its fluffy probably not
  17. those look like .7-8's.
  18. Looks like a fair deal for 10 doll hairs.

    But I think you need to step your shit up OP, and start picking up at least an 1/8 at a time, even if it takes you a month to smoke it.
    If your dealer is legit, you'll save money buying larger weight.

    Like many other blades have said, I don't buy dimes, dealers hate when people pick up tenners.

    The juice just isn't worth the squeeze to a for-profit dealer.

  19. Well I picked up a 30 from him not 10. He just gave me 3 di

  20. Still for $30 bucks I wouldn't complain.

    I'd say scrounge up another $20 next time and get yourself an 1/8.

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