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What Should A good High Feel Like

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by newbee2013, May 20, 2013.

  1. how do you know when you have a good high?  what is different than being sober? how does having a good high affect your feelings? what does it feel like?  :hello:  :smoke:  :metal:

  2. no headaches or pain 
  3. more uplifted, thoughts flow freely
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    depends on the weed and how much of it you smoke at one time. High like an emotion, there are many extremes with different conditions. I can be happy because I just got a present, and I can be happy because I just had sex. They're different types of happiness. High is the same way.
    But to keep it as generic as possible, it's like all your worries rolling off you back and there's nothing left but good thoughts. Also you get fucking hungry
  5. In my experience it is just a huge relaxation, everything is funny, everything looks amazing but no different you are just seeing it better. I understand things so much clearer, but cannot perform simple tasks. 
    Just try for yourself, when you get a truly great high you will know it. 
  6. heres a quote from a friend of mine who recently smoked for the first time: "smoking (bud) is like turning life into HD mode" the right high will make you feel great and often give you a different outlook on life imo
  7. When you can enjoy what your doing, no matter what that is.
  8. happy, hungry, and ready to smoke more.
  9. it honestly makes anything fun. I just stared at a cd for like 10 minutes wondering how the hell those things work. yeah, pretty high.
  10. I often feel like crap when i smoke...
  11. I think doug benson had a really good definition in his movie super high me: it just makes everything more fun. 
  12. you instantly feel a small buzz it feels very good but if you keep toaking you kinda start to feel relaxed all your problems just go away every thing seems very interesting, you feel like 1,000,000 bucks you have confindince you arent embarassed when your high your nevr angry it will make all food seem like an orgy in your mouth  id suggest doritos nacho flavor with eather chocolate milk, or cocacola
  13. don't think there's words to properly describe it; kinda like trying to tell you what happiness feels like, everybody will be getting at something slightly different 
  14. it feels as if you've just been told your parents are dead and you've been sacked from your job, all in the same sentence.
    only joking
  15. Quite a good way I've heard it said it that it's like reverting to being a child. Everything is like you are seeing it for the first time again, it's all hilarious and you don't have a care in the world. 
  16. i can relate to that. even when im sober
  17. Must be twelve then.
  18. my dicks 6 inches........ FROM THE FUKIN GROUND YOYOYOYOYOOO
  19. There are different types of highs. Right now I'm having an almost euphoric high, which is a new experience for me.
    There are so many factors that go into what makes a high the way it is. But I think the strongest might be the strain of weed.
  20. Usually I get the nice buzzing behind my eyes. That's how I know my high is kicking in. Then the buzzing just spreads throughout my body and things get a little more HD so to speak. Thoughts flow more freely and I feel like I'm floating when I walk.

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