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What should a dispensary pay out for hash oil and bud?

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by beerbuddah35, Feb 5, 2011.

  1. Does anyone out there know from actual experience what hash oil and bud is going for at Southern CA Dispensaries? I am coming up on my 2nd harvest and want to get rid of the majority of it at LEGAL SOCAL dispensaries.

    I crossed Alaskan thunderfuck with Sour OG and it came out bomb, my hash is all from QWISO so theres no butane or other contaminants. How much do dispensaries focus on quality? any help would be awesome, thanks GC members.


    10 tacos for 10 dollars how could I lose?
  2. i dont know for sure since im only a patient but i think standard markup would be 20-35% so you can do the math from there
  3. Someone is going to whine at you for talking about selling. It is against the rules to discuss sales.

    QWISO is no cleaner or safer than BHO. I'll take good BHO over a good alcohol extraction anyday.

    I don't know SO CAL, but in Montana, oil retails for $30-$100/ gram. Bud is generally sold for $10/gram retail. I don't sell to anyone other than my clients, but the best offer I've seen was for $6 a gram. Definitely better to just sell it off slowly yourself, or dump it to the illegal black market.

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