What shall i do? Ill probably smoke more weed

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    I have always been friends with girl my friend broke up with, and she has been begging me to come over for two weeks. I usually see her on the way back from class so we walk back home together. Last weekend I stopped by real quick to say hi I wouldn't really call it going over since I was there for like 5 minutes. 
    The other day she said she really wants me to come over and gave me this glance that looked a little sexual and a couple of her roommates are definitely attracted to me still so its not a bad thing to go to her house. Ever since my friend and her started having issues she started acting nicer too me I wouldn't make a move on her since I just didn't want to get caught up in bullshit between them. Because it was some bullshit.
    I am still going over but should I tread carefully or go with the flow? Last time a girl wanted to have me drink with her I blacked out and have no memory for 3 hours and I found a condom wrapper, my bed moved and some scratch marks on my back.
    Im just worried she really wants to sleep with me and my friend gets wind of it. I also don't want to dissapoint the girl because she really wants to see me.

  2. Tread lightly dude...
    Yeah, the thing is there are 2 other girls in that house that would sleep with me just this girl has been really wanting to see me and I kind of blew her off last weekend unintentionally and she really wants me to come by this weekend and I said I would. Ill just go over and see how it goes.
  4. Bros before Hoes
  5. It seems like you have two options since it seems like she wants to get with you:

    1. Go behind your friends back and get with this girl.

    2. Go over and try to get with her roommates.

    In my opinion, bros before hoes man. Plenty of other hotties out there to be getting with the one girl that your own friend was with. Don't be that guy that pulls moves like that behind your friends back. You can either go behind his back and get with her or cut off/establish you guys are just friends.

    Tread lightly my friend.

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    Yeah but it depends, I blew this girl off last weekend and she asked me again this week and I said I would come by. I honestly wouldn't care at all if she didn't get seductive. Its probably best she didn't but Im not the one to stop her. 
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    I think I will go explore option 2, I am just worried if this girl gets me too drunk she may have sex with me. I just wont let that happen. This other girl got me stupid drunk at a party I blacked out and slept with her and I don't remember it. I normally try and only drink 2 beers but some girls keep offering me drink after drink.
  8. 'bro, she tripped, fell, and landed on my dick'
  9. Yep she definitely likes me, but I slept with her roommate and her roommate also likes me a lot.
  10. 3way
    haha maybe.. I helped her with something today and she says she owes me what ever that means. Im sticking to the roommate for now
  12. Dude tread.. From experince. Me and my best friend well ex bestfriend, he liked this girl and this girl didn like him instead liked me.. (Note i was a bad friend) every girl he broughr around me ened up hooking up with me. ( happen three times) andyways i hooked up with the girl he really liked.. And that was the end of us.. I havnt talkedto him for 3 years now Soo tread lightly
  13. Fuck her right in the pussy!

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  14. Ok well, I guess bros before hoes is out the window. I'd go for it and go for her friends too. Ignore or laugh at the drama. Question for ya: Why would a girl scratch your back if you were passed out?
    If you are young and you want to know what pussy is all about then go for it. Have fun.
    I blacked out and some how ended up having sex with this girl and I think she scratched me a couple times in the process. I have no memory of that at all.
    haha dude I was at her house and she basically said they owe me for the help, because I did something for them and my friends ex girlfriend gave me another one of those dirty looks and the girl I slept with says that they both really like me. Its kind of wild if you ask me.
    To be honest here my friend shouldn't be dating her anymore. It wasn't good for any of them. Lots of stuff happened and she tolerated it some how. I am good friends and with him still and its for the best of both sides.
  16. You know what to do.

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    I was drinking with them last night and my friends ex girl friend starts making out with this girl I am sleeping with and she says, "Feel our love?" and goes on how I am the best guy she knows and the girl I sleep with says the same.

    What the hell though? they both like me a lot and they like each other too

    lol I asked their friend out and she didn't go out with me for some reason she is just a weird girl and this is what happened

  18. was not ready for so many words. but i opened the thread so i'll post. heyyy man. it's okay.
  19. She wants to fuck you because and only because she wants to hurt your buddy, she using you bro do t be that shit friend that doesnt see that, hit the roomates but not this chick uless your bro is cool with it, it will come back to get you hard man

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