What seems to be a potassium deficiency every time no matter what i do

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  1. I'm Back.....it's been a few years since I've been in the "City" but I am now back. I've been growing for years but have recently ran into some major issues with my RDWC system. Seems that no matter what I do I have the same issue, at the same point, every time. From my experience it seems to be potassium deficiency. Not exactly sure what is causing it because I have been growing the same way for years.

    8 gallon 8 site RDWC system with waterfall

    Floraflex nutes running 1.3EC

    5ft by 10ft room. (Purpose built)

    The attached photos show my issue. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated 20221128_161244.jpg 20221128_161321.jpg 20221128_161332.jpg

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  2. question , do you use potassium bicarbonate to adjust for swing
  3. No I do not

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  4. It's really driving me insane. I switched to hydro (DWC) after taking a leave of absence from GC. If you look at my other posts from years ago you'll see I pretty well nailed down promix and wanted to step up to dwc. I did so successfully for a about 3 years using 4 gallon independent vessels that analyze ever had about 3.5 gallons of solution in them. I ran perpetual harvests with 2 flower tents and a veg tent running these mentioned totes. Always using floraflex. Had been flawless, granted it was a lot of work given the smaller volumes of water and so many plants.

    Well then my wife and I bought our first house and decided to finish the basement and I incorperated the grow directly into the house. I mean went all out. Built the room, plumbing, electric, HVAC. The first 4 harvests were fine, then slowly started having this potassium issue, initially would be noticed once into flower, then the next crop it showed up in transition to flower, then the next crop it showed up in late veg. Now I can't even get a crop through veg. I don't understand this.... at first I thought it had something to do with the much larger RDWC system that was built but then it started happening in the independent totes that I still use for veg.... im baffled

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  5. i use to run a 33 gal thrash can outside growing melons on a tressial
    my swing would sore during heat of day but at night would level out and do alright threw the night, a buddy suggest i try to use the potassium bicarbonate to stop a ;lot of the swing, it did very well and by the time i finally got on a roll i had quadruple bypass surgery.
    so might just be something simple as that not sure mate i have done very little water growing but do outside just for space on wild vined plants
  6. I don't know much about growing melons but my Temps stay between 68 and 77... not long at 77 then back down. If you mean ph swing i don't really have that. Stays around 5.8 to 6.8... what would the potassium bicarbonate be for?

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  7. i stabilized mine at 6.2 with it , when i got around 6.7 i was scrambling to get it down with hydro gard , with the two of them i had better control in already hot environment outside
  8. I usely do pretty good at keeping in in line. It really doesn't move unless I add water. Even then I let it circulate for a few hrs then bring it in line. I refuse to use a ph pen. May get a blulab monitor at some point, but I find the pens to be way too unreliable needing calibrated too often, so I stick with the drops.

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  9. I use orca in my system. But hell I can't get enough root mass to grow to worry about them rotting lol.... at this point about 7 grand has been wasted on this build. Even pulled the trigger on the scorpian diablo which the main flower room was built around. I'm thinking it may be my water because I had put a clone in promix and watered it with the same water I make up for the rdwc system and it eventually suffered the exact same deficiency. And it not just a lil bit and can pull through. I mean it straight burns every damn leaf off the plant, stems go limp and it dies. Even does it in the independent dwc totes. I had tried pushing 2 into flower in another tent I have set up and it never did even throw a single pistil hair. It was in that tent on 12/12 for over a month. By the end of that month it didn't have a single green leaf on the plant. So I trashed them. It's not like I was ignoring them either. Made sure the ph and water level was kept up with. Keeping it at 1.3 EC. Water would go down EC would rise, ph would dump. When that happens your supossed to lower ec if im not mistaken. Didn't help, took it down to .8 ec and it still rises and and ph dumps. Same thing at .4 ec. Haven't tried just the water out the tap (well water) which comes out at .237 ec..

    Floraflex recomends you have a starting ec of between .2 and .3.. im almost dead in the center of that. I'm just so damn baffled with this.

    Also the wife's house plants do fine though and all they ever get is plain water and they are all in the same promix I mentioned.

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