What seeds to use!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by drmanmancat, May 11, 2010.

  1. Would I need to buy seeds online or from someone, or could one use seeds you'd find in bud you bought? I bought 1/2 an O the other day and in one of the bags there was a few seeds. Could I use those? :wave:
  2. Hells yeah you can use a bagseed. That's how most get started in this hobby.

    They find a seed and say to themselves "what the hell", and then put it in a pot.. then it becomes an addiction at that point. :D

  3. bagseeds?? what that means?
  4. was it great smoke?? sure. swag smoke? why bother, compared to everything else youll need,,,seeds are cheap.;)
  5. Seeds that came out of bags of weed you have bought. I have a collection of like 200 from tons of different pickups, so my plants that im starting are going to be a type of mystery bud haha.
  6. When I first got that bag I thought it was shwag. It was sure as hell brown, but after the smoke test it wasn't too bad. We'll see what pops up! I've been paper towel germinating since last night. Nothing yet, but we'll see later tonight and tomorrow. Bagseed... Maybe I should have looked that up... I mean I've read it so many times in the Absolute Beginners topic thread
  7. u mean free seeds?

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