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Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by Dr Bud, Feb 13, 2003.

  1. I am about ready to start my first grow, but I am undecided about what seeds to get.

    The last time I was in Amsterdam I got the best personal high from Mekong Haze, but I can't find those seeds anywhere. The best high EVER, was from a Columbian.

    I am going to grow hydro with SCROG. 4 fluros for veg and a 250 hps with two fluros for flowering.

    What varieties do you recommend, knowing that I don't like to get stoned out of my mind, like visuals and to listen to music.

  2. For a up and high trip, go with a predominant or a 100% Sativa strain. make sure to harvest early just as the hairs turn orange, not at 2/3 orange as everyone says. The early the harvest the more trippy the buzz.

    As far as which strain, gimme a while to think about it.
  3. Im a big fan of Haze for just the same reasons that u discribed. have a look through the seed banks cattalogs and keep an eye out 4 anything that says its a haze cross.

    u may wanna have a look at my post "uk seed banks.. NL5xHaze" sid put a good link ther and i found wot i was looking 4. mayb u can find what u want aswell

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