what seeds are best for a beginner that needs high yields?

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  1. ok i believe i am an absolute beginner. i plan on starting seeds from soil; mg organic with some worms lime and vermiculite. im thinking of veg and flower nutes from foxfarm. i will be using either a 600 or 1000w hps for something like 12 or 17 to start. im thinking of trainwreck?? and something else...any recommendations are welcome. thanks again
  2. i recommend google! there are countless pages of strain info you can search and a lot of times you'll stumble on to boards like these.

    nobody is going to take the time to list everything you should be researching yourself. if you narrow it down to a few strains, search the grow journals for people who did grows with those strains and read about what they think!

    but blueberries always grow huge, northern lights grow big, big bud.....
  3. ps. if you start from seed, start with Fox Farm's Light Warrior, then transplant into Fox Farm Light Warrior with FF Ocean Forest, then a week or two before flowering transplant into FF Ocean Forest with just a little light warrior. Perlite also helps in the mix just a little for good drainage. make sure you water thoroughly every time you water and allow a lot of the water to dry before watering again.
  4. thanks guy..

    ps. i've done a little research but nothing hits like hearing it from the people sometimes
  5. Northern Lights and Skunk weed are pretty common. Easy to grow and produce large yields.
  6. thanx for the help...i got a job now..so :D im ready!!!!!!!
  7. The best thing you can do is focus on doing it right and the yield will take care of itself. There's no getting around that.
  8. this man speaks the truth. How it is grown is way more important than what strain is grown. get high quality lights, good soil in a large pot, good nutrients, proper pH and some good ol' fashioned TLC and you'll get very respectable yields on most all commercially available strains. this means doing a lot of research before you even start growing though, so take the time to do so. :smoke:
  9. Very good choices. I almost always had very good yields with NL and NL crosses. My best yielding single plant was a Nirvana NL. In fact, most of the Nirvana strains I grew yielded well. Could have something to do with the NL and Skunk males that they use in a lot of their strains.
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    ive been researching since 06...i know i am ready even if my first try is a miss rather than hit...i will def. go for NL since i'm hearing so many good reviews...i know you have to be a kinda good with it b4 you start exploring all the different strains..but i'd still like to have a good 1st run y'kno
  11. silver pearl will be one of your best bets mate.
  12. Failure isn't an option, if you get into this with that mindset you're fucked right out of the gate.

    Follow the beaten path. If you find yourself saying to yourself, "I wonder if I can get away with this", odds are you can't. Do NOTHING unless it's been tried and proven to work by others before you and better yet, learn why that works and build on that

    A little philosophy from a very tired hipster, good night...Zzzzzzzz... lol
  13. I chose THC Bomb due to the high yield and short bushy stature
  14. lol he is a beginner and u want him to re pot 3 times. hahah good luck

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