What science and religion presumed impossible may have happened!

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  1. In a development that is sure to eventually cause confusion and consternation among the religious and prove humbling for secular speculation, what science and religion, not to mention the rest of us, thought impossible may now have happened. History has its first literal, testable and fully demonstrable proof for faith and it's on the web.

    The first wholly new interpretation for two thousand years of the moral teachings of Christ has been published. Radically different from anything else we know of from theology or history, this new teaching is predicated upon the 'promise' of a precise, predefined, predictable and repeatable experience of transcendent omnipotence and called 'the first Resurrection' in the sense that the Resurrection of Jesus was intended to demonstrate Gods' willingness to reveal Himself and intervene directly into the natural world for those obedient to His Command, paving the way for access to the power of divine Will and ultimate proof as the justification of faith.

    Thus 'faith' becomes an act of trust in action, the search along a defined path of strict self discipline, [a test of the human heart] to discover His 'Word' of a direct individual intervention into the natural world by omnipotent power that confirms divine will, law, command and covenant, which at the same time, realigns our mortal moral compass with the Divine, "correcting human nature by a change in natural law, altering biology, consciousness and human ethical perception beyond all natural evolutionary boundaries." Thus is a man 'created' in the image and likeness of his Creator.

    So like it or no, and many won't, a new religious teaching, a wisdom not of human intellectual origin, empirical, transcendent, testable by faith, meeting all Enlightenment criteria of evidence based causation and definitive proof now exists. Nothing short of an intellectual, moral and religious/spiritual revolution is getting under way. To test or not to test, that is the question? More info at The Final Freedoms
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  2. Where is the info referenced in the first paragraph?
  3. You have to click on the "For dreamers and fools only" link to progress... ;)

    The sites own wording, not mine...
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  4. More zombie stories.
  5. If any of that were true, it would be written out in like 5 simple, easy to understand, straightforward sentences. That's how truths work.
  6. I don't need anyone telling me how to experience God. No one does.
  7. Usually when something is presumed impossible, Its a disorder and disconnection that lacks universal wisdom.
    Forget how the world and its systems work, understand how the universe works and everything else falls into place.

    The wisdom is within us, All we need to do is find the silence and tune our vessel into the correct vibrational frequency.
  8. Why should we have to download an entire manuscript in order to be able to verify this simple test? If the original poster had something substantial to say here, he would have said it directly in the original post and the website would list it obviously. Unless of course there is no simple truth or test here and he just wants us to download the teachings of his new sect...

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