What scales do you guys use?

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  1. Well I was looking for the right section to put this question in and I think you guys are the best people to ask because we are always eating our yield and bragging haha. So what is the best digital scale? My budget is around 80 dollars but it can go up, I was looking at the palmscale 8.0 but didn't know how good it is. Anyone have suggestions?
  2. I don't know much about scales. I got a pair of handscales and an AWS Blade digital scale. I got the diggies in a pawn shop about 3 months ago for $15 bucks and I love 'em! The side flips out and shit, I think it's cool as hell.

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  3. That's pretty sweet!! Is it accurate at all? What I really want to know is the difference between a cheap and higher end scale.
  4. I have a My Weigh pocket scale. It's pretty cool. I haven't used it yet for buds but I have messed around with it a little. Seems to be pretty accurate. Here it is: My Weigh MXT-500
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    I've had an Ohaus triple beam for about 25 years, I used it to measure out resin & hardner for various fiberglass & mold making jobs, that is until last year I used it for the 1st time to start checking the weight from the dispensaries, they've been spot on so far.
    I've been told still to this day the triple beam is the most accurate.
    Oh and pawn shops have traditionally been the best place to find a scale.
  6. Oh yeah man triple beams are excellent. I have known many people who only use triple beams.
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    $80!?! On ebay you can get a great scale for $20. The more accurate scales are the x0.01 so instead of it saying .5 it will measure better like .45 :hello:

    Edit: There are some as cheap as $8.
  8. Unless your gonna weigh some kilos my advice would be just go on ebay you can get a decent one for 15-20 dollars and then spend the rest on a bag :hello::smoke:

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