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What scale should I get?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by BongHitsAndAcidTrips, Feb 10, 2014.

  1. I trust my dealer, she would never rip me off, but i would like to get a scale just to make sure and also I buy a quarter to an ounce and sometimes I sell a dub to a few people and I want to make sure I'm not giving away too much or too little. So as for the scale, people say the cheap amazon ones work well. Is there any merit to this? I mean I want it to be accurate, but I don't want to spend over $10 since I won't be using it every day.
  2. Got mine on amazon for a few dollars. Works good, but is to the nearest .1 instead of .01

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  3. I don't know about where you live, but here in Vermont a lot of the dollar stores and gas stations that sell china also sell 5-10$ scales that go to the .01. I bought mine at a LHS for probably 15$ and just got the cheapest one they had. I've seen plenty of blades around the city say they've bought one from Amazon though, I would say just look for one with good reviews that goes to .01.
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    Honestly if someone needs to be rationing down to .01 than you may need to just not buy weed for a little bit lol. But that's just my opinion, .1 is plenty close for almost everyone's needs.
  5. You bro you shorted me 0.0001 grams not cool man

    Omega369 :wave:
  6. I usually get quarters so 7 grams would translate to .7, but if I sell an eighth to a friend, how will I know if it's .35 if it only goes to the ._ ? Sorry for my lack of terminology haha
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    No. It's .1g increments. The scale will show 7.0g

  8. Harbor Freight tools man. $12 and works great.
  9. now I feel like a jackass lol. Then I'll definitely get the .1 increment scale. Thanks I really appreciate your help
  10. If you got an extra $10 I suggest getting the 500g calibration weight just for peace of mind. A new scale will come calibrated but if it ever goes out of calib you'll never really know unless you have something that's exactly 500g to calibrate the scale to. Just search "500g calibration weight" on amazon and you'll see it.
  11. alright thanks, I'll definitely look into it
  12. dont gwt the weight bro. Just use a nickle or a dollar bill. Nickle will read 5.0 grams evwn if the scale ia calibrated, dollar bill is 1.0 gram

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  13. That's not how the scale calibrates. If it ever goes out it is programmed to recalibrate to 500g. You hit re calibrate and if the weight put on is not within .1g to 500g it'll just fail the re calibration. Unless you mean stack 100 nickels on the scale?
  14. I have had the same scale for almost 2 years and it reads 5.0 every time i put a nickle on it. Maybe you just dont take care of your shit lol

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  15. Who said mine was bad? It's 2 months old lol and used once to weigh this most recent crop. If you actually read what I said, I was suggesting it's something to have incase the scale ever goes out of calibration you'll need it or something that's 500g to recalibrate it. It's good to know you understand the difference between a tool to re calibrate and a tool to check the current calibration.
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  17. yea ive dropped my scale many times nd its still calibrated. as soon as its not ill just buy a new one ive had this one for like 3-4years. id rather drop 10 on a new one not on a weight. 

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