What Rules were you Taught to Live By

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  1. My dad always told me to treat others with respect and how you want to be treated!!!  But at the same time don't take no crap off of anyone and I never have!!! 
    To stand up for yourself and speak your mind but if possibly try not to hurt others feelings when you do.  But sometimes that cant be helped. 
    Always try new things at least once and if you don't like it then don't do it again because you never know when you will find something new that you will love to do.  Specially when it comes to foods. 
    To help people when you can because you never know when you are going to need help and you hope someone will help you in your time of need. 
    To not judge someone from the color of their skin, race, religion, sex, job or their financial situation because you haven't walked a mile in their shoes!!! 
    Be Honest and always tell the Truth.  Admit when you are wrong and apologize and Don't be scared, go through life as fearlessly as possible. 
    Always be willing to learn new things because you might find out you need that knowledge down the road.  Don't be afraid to get your hands dirty because there are times when it is only you and you have to be able to survive.
    Treat all life as special and is there for a reason.  When you go fishing if you are not going to eat it or use it for bait then release it and let it go so that the circle of life continues.
    Do not fear Death, we will all meet our maker one day no reason to fear it, Just live your life to the fullest you can, have no regrets and cherish every minute of it.
    Smile and Laugh each day and Count your Blessing and be Thankful for all the Good Things in your life, Because there is always someone out there worse off then you.
    Yes I was a Daddy's Girl.  And these are just the few things he has installed in me to live by and I have for almost 52 years now and I made sure I passed them down to my kids the same thing that my Dad taught me.

  2. I've never really been taught any straight rules by my parents or family, but I've just kind of grown up living like my dad but adapting his rules to my personality.
    Treat everybody equally.
    Don't judge people before you know them, especially relating to looks and crime things etc. (E.g. Why is somebody considered bad because they're a drug addict? Or why is somebody a bad person because they sell drugs?)
    Fuck racism.
    Fuck the Po Po. (My dad works in court AGAINST the police, and he has what he calls "fuck the police" lunches after successful cases.)
  3. Don't get a tatoo.
    Identifying marks can drag you down if you run afoul of the law.
    Not that I ever would haha.
  4. No harm shall come to women nor children by thy hand. :cool:
  5. Lol... Wasn't even really spoken to about what was right and what "wasn't". My mother recently told me she didn't teach us how to clean ourselves after going to the bathroom because she thought it was common sense.
    My father told me as a child I had permission to hit anyone that made fun of me- he said skinny people have boney hands so it hurts more than the fatties. Made me feel better haha
  6. treat others the way you wanna be treated
    I like both of these!!!!
  8. The car can't move until the seat belts are all on.
    Never be late for anything. 
    You're stronger than you think. (Surprisingly my dad told me this after my brother hit me for some reason and I'm just understanding it now)
  9. Never steal from an individual. Its ok to steal from evil coorperate empires.

    Dont start fights but always finish them.
  10. My old man never taught me how to live, he lived and let me watch.

    My folks are good human beings, and I am a good human being. The biggest lesson I ever took from them was to always help others, friends and strangers alike, whenever you can. Always.
  11. My dad always tells me to be independent and not wait around on other people because majority of the time they will let you down.
    And also to look both ways before I cross the road, only put one headphone in so I can be more aware of my surroundings and to always persevere.
  12. Fuck bitches, get money.
  13. Mother: "Use the internet wisely."
    Yes Mother. I watch my internet safety by only using Bing for porn. Seriously. Just turn that god-awful safe search off and watch the video clippets without worrying about viruses and shit.
  14. Blaze and let blaze.
  15. Keep your gun pointed at the ground, or away from people
  16. My dad taught me that i should beat the fuck out of anyone who disrespected me, with that kind of mentality you won't get far in life though, instead ive had to live with my own rules and ive been questioning them heavily as of late but i suppose this is not a bad thing. 
  17. I was taught a shitty code of ethics to live by my favorite being smoking pot is rotting my brain and Im killing myself slowly by doing it. And when I asked my mom if she smoked it I got the classic "once in college and it didnt do anything". And my mom "forbid" me to join the military (not that I was gonna but still) and when I said Im 18 its my choice she said "when you come back for the holidays what house are you going to stay at?"
    So most bs things my parents taught me I just tossed from my head. Heres what I live by
    1 In most cases I believe its ok to commit victimless crimes such as toking as Im not hurting anyone but myself(barely).
    2 Respect is something EARNED and your position if life doesnt automaticly mean you deserve it (Fuck you every teacher ever and most cops)
    3 Im an athiest but I still try to be an overall good person.
    4 Fighting is perfectly fine if its justified. Even if you throw the first punch.
    5 Lifes flies by live it up
    Theres my creed in a nutshell.
  18. when i was a little kid like 3 or 4 my parents told me fuck the haters and keep stacking that bread
  19. Be respectful to others until they're disrespectful to you.

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