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  1. im 18 19 in july so getting kinda old and should leave education system soon hopefully coming to the end of my level 2 IT course but dont like the course but going to stick it out until September. i dont know if next year i should do another 2 year on a IT course so i will get a job thats 25k+ a year. but i saw a barber shop giving apprentaships and thinking of going on that while doing one day a week at college where i get a qualification after one year allowing me to cut hair in a barber shop, but obviously will earn 18-20k working in a shop. i dont know what to do as i can only do one. ive always been indecisive in life and never been able to make important choices. i seek guidance from others who faced a simula situation or have some form of wisdom in this area from experiences
  2. really only you can decide what you wanna do.

    Whatever you think will make you happier, and be better in the long run... go for it.

  3. 666 posts :eek:
  4. Tosh is totally right, but if I can offer a slightly 'out there' opinion... Don't let your goal be your job title! Short term, both sound like great options. But I really think you should work towards whatever your dream is, or never stop trying to do whatever it is you would love to do. I mean, don't limit your life to two options - work out where you want to be, and get there! And in the mean time, if your heart isn't in either, do whatever will make you the most money! :)
  5. Travel the world helping sick people.

    You get fed housed and whatnot, plus you see the world.

    Not for everyone obviously.
  6. An awesome thing to do with your life. Win win!

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