What rights do you have while on probation in MI?

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    If a probation agent wants to come over to check if a person's address actually exists and the person actually lives there, and see that all "weapons" are properly locked, what's the person's rights when that happens? A probation agent will probably show up whenever he/she damn well pleases so can the probation agent look through the person's possessions without asking the owner if the owner isn't present at the time? What if only someone's legal guardian is present in the house at the time, and not the person on probation, what can the probation agent look through? Can a legal guardian give permission to a probation agent to look through a person's possessions if they aren't a minor? What are a persons' legal rights while on probation, can a person tell their' probation agent they aren't allowed to open something, or not to touch a possession?? What can a probation agent do and what can't he do without asking. I know they often use psychology to get people to just show them things that they have a legal right to refuse them...
    Also a firearm is illegal to own while on probation, but what about bows for hunting, knives, and pellet guns? Since those aren't technically considered a firearm, shouldn't those be legal to own on probation in MI? Can a probation agent make special rules of your probation so you can't own a bow or knives?

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