What retro game console to buy?

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  1. I'm looking around for an old-school gaming system for the benefit of fun,replayable games, and the nostalgia effect lol.

    I've been trying to narrow it down between NES,SNES or 64. I'm up for other options as well but I really don't know much about Segas and ataris and shit like that...I only played psones and nintendos growing up.

    Anyways I have a PS3 currently, but I've owned all new gen consoles, sold my 360 and Wii though. Just looking for a cheap retro system that I can sit back,toke up and game on for hours lol.
  2. I would say nintendo gamecube. Always playing on that with my buddies. Mario kart double dash so much fun ...
  3. N64 nostalgia right here. Toke up and play some fucking mario kart and super smash bros.!! And with the N64 you can also look for colors other than black.
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    I do love the n64 mario kart. It has the rainbow road shortcut that cut out half the track.. you cant do it on the gamecube
  5. Yea I've been leaning toward the 64...mainly because I have more memories of playing that than the SNES or NES..never owned a Gamecube..but my friend did and that Monkey Ball game was the shit. Probably gonna order one from Amazon after I decide what to buy.

    PS3 is just boring me at the moment...I bought it in December and I've only bought 3 games for it and rarely play them..last time was like 2 months ago.
  6. N64 :metal:

    I will say Fantasy Star Online is the fucking shit for Gamecube though.
  7. What kind of question is this?! Lol

    N64 all the way.
  8. N64. Goldeneye, perfect dark, Mario kart
  9. SNES hands down >_>

    1st, look at these ppl all supporting n64 and yet they've listed 4 games total . although I can think of at least 6 or 7 more awesome 64 games (shame on u ppl for not listing Zelda:OoT) but tbh the library just cant touch the greatness of snes
    2nd, I assure you the terrible chunky 3D on the n64 didn't age well for alot of its games (ex:golden eye, even Zelda:OoT)
    3rd, snes graphics will never age, b/c sprite graphics look fine even now in the retro sense.
    4th, i mentioned the library depth of the snes...beat this n64
    Earthworm jim
    Zombies ate my neighbors
    Chrono Trigger
    Super mario world
    Super mario allstars
    Super mario RPG
    Super mario kart
    Street fighter II turbo
    FF 2(4)
    FF 3(6)
    Super metroid
    Secret of mana
    Secret of evermore
    DK country 1 and 2
    Yoshi's island
    Mega man X 1 - 3
    Contra 3
    Zelda: Link to the past
    Kirby Superstar
    Breath of Fire 1-3
    Star fox
    NBA jam
    Castlevania 4
    Turtles in time

    and thats just games i remember from when i was a kid, there are def more. the only thing about it though is that you can get all these on an emulator on your PC, so unless your a purist about having the system and controller then theres rly no need to buy it (also being able to fast forward rpgs is so clutch).
  10. N64!!!

    N64 IS FUN AS FUCK. For real I never even had one but i'd play it at a friends as a kid all the fuckin time. Super smash bros HOLY FUCK THAT WAS A SICK GAME. Donkey king games, fucking those mario party shit.. YEEEE ALL FUCKING AWESOME WOOO! :smoke:
  11. Indeed, Mario Party is fucking great. Never played it high but damn I bet it will be fun.

    Also, I'm not a hardcore gamer like I used to be... but I still prefer consoles. I hate pc gaming, so I don't want to use an emulator.
  12. nintendo 64 or gamecube defnitly
  13. n 64

    donkey kong

    nuff said
  14. N64 and/or SNES are good choices. For those saying Gamecube... How is it considered retro? Not being on the market doesn't make it retro after 5 years I'd think (especially since games were still coming out in 2007 for it).
  15. Gamecube man. You coulld of kept your wii and hacked it(very easy) And have alot of old systems on my wii I have snes, Sega Genesis, nes and also snes all this for free and u can get any games you want
  16. n64/game cube definitely!.... you might want to look for a wii though even though its not a retro console just for the fact that stoners love dem wiis.
  17. N64 man you got super smash bros, and Mario kart. Not to mention all the Pokemon Arena games.

    Or the Sega Genesis, get on some Sonic the Hedgehog

    Or damn the SNES had some shit too, Dragon Warrior, Mario Bros, etc.
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    Get a Wii. All the fun of NES, SNES, N64, etc. without the worry of "will my system still work tomorrow?"

    Edit: Missed the part where you said you sold your Wii.
    Shoulda kept it. :p the wiimote kicks ass for all the old NES games.
  19. Get your wii back and play all those games
  20. SNES

    Yes, N64 had some fun landmark titles, but it's not even close the sheer number of monumental SNES releases.

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