What reflectors are best?

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by herbtoker, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. "Best" kinda depends on your setup but i think regardless id go with #3. Parabolic reflectors were designed to direct heat to the center in order to allow for easier venting. choice #3 is a vented reflector so it will cool more easily than choice #1. Choice #2 will actually give you the least light coverage. It burns in a vertical postion so lumens will be primarily directed to the side not down. Choice 3 will give you optimum light coverage and the easiest means of cooling your lights. I think you will be quite happy with it despite its bulky size. The price of that light though is a bit much. I recently bought a 400w nextgen digital ballast, with a cordset and it was only $270 I use a Sunleaves Aurora Six reflector(basically the same as choice 3) and i got mine at my local shop for only 60 bucks. If your getting a basic core and coil 600w should be able to get a whole setup for like 250 maybe even less.
  2. I use # 3 but with the Sun System 1 ballast. ~ $450 - 475 at avg. grow store prices by the time you include a bulb. I'm well pleased. (I only buy Sunlight Supply ballast)


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