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What really happened to me last night??

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by hunterk3193, Mar 19, 2010.

  1. #1 hunterk3193, Mar 19, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 19, 2010
    Alright so its a long story, so here i go.....
    Ok, so me and some buddies were smoking a joint at the park like 8:00 last night and yeah, so like 10 15 mins later this happened.... We went to Hearns, its a ice cream place.. Tons of people were there surprising... Anyways im like ok, im getting a rolo ice cream, then im standing in line and im like dude im so high blah blah blah, then i wanted to go to the car, all of sudden i lost my mind Completly!(Like litterally felt like i was dead, i was not there what so ever) I kept smashing my body of the wall and shit Apprently, its hard to remember. All i remember is me getting up from the ground on the other side and walking straight to the car, everyone was staring at me, At this point it was hard for me to understand what was going on, Felt like nothing excisted and i was just fucked. i can kinda remember me punchin the car hood to get in, so i got in the car, then it was fine, but when i was there im like dude im fucking sweating , my hair was like sweating, it was crazy, then i got home to my bed, and i was shaking and cold? Then when i woke up im pretty fine now? O yeahj , poeple were like hes on meth and shit , so i was def trippy, i basicly got most of this info from my trip from my friends because i didnt even no what was happening, They said i was like drunk, because i had lost all balance and my mind was completly fucking gone it was scary.. no reality.

    Maybe it was because of Paranoid or something?? Its even hard to explain it was way worst then that. (To me its hard to believe it even happened, it was so trippy)

    All i smoked was Outdoor perth county, it was the same shit i smoked yesterday and it was from me so i knew it was fine, Like half year ago a panic attack happened to me but ever since that ive been fine??
    I dont think it was green out or anything because i took like 7 puffs, but i never even smoked a whole joint?? I usually smoke that... so yeah what happened?

    When i felt like that i was standing in line, then i was wobbeling everywhere and shit then i fell and kept doing it, and then i went to the other side and doing it again .. it was so trippy never happened to me before, it was hard to remember how i got over there when i came back to my sensus kinda.
  2. No clue.. blackouts can happen but are very rare.

    Maybe it was laced.
  3. Sounds like you could have gotten to that extra stoned phase and gone all smokers a bad name my man, smoke less next time, know your limits
  4. Woah, that sounds fucking terrible man.... Id vote for laced as well, maybe your body just reacts bad to blacking out....who knows man...
  5. that happened to me...except it was like a couple minutes after smoking...right when it hit, i was like "i don't feel so good" so we started walking down these rickety stars (we were in the top of a barn) and i completely blacked out/kinda passed out. I lost all balance on the stairs and can't remember shit. All i remember was getting up from falling down the stairs (probably would of been hurt crazy bad if my friend didn't catch me). Then sorta remember stumbling out of the barn, falling a couple of times my way out, went in there house, fell going up the stairs, and laid down. Scary as hell. Gave me a big ass cut on my forehead too from falling. So yeah man, your not alone

    and it wasn't laced, its just weird. Like my brain just lost control...exactly how you said
  6. Not laced. Probably just went past your limit or your body just decided that one time to have a shitty experience.
  7. Yeah guys, it wasnt laced it was my same stash for awhile, and same shit, But atleast there is someone that had same problem, I didnt mean to... Like i barly smoked any weed it wasn't my fault, usually i smoke more..

  8. yeah was only one bowl between two people

    it kinda scared me from smoking again, but i did...never happened again
  9. Yeah, thats scary.

    Almost makes me not want to smoke anymore weed lol.

    Well I am though looolz.
  10. ya then i would guess you just had some crazy blackout hahahaha
  11. yeah i will start smokin again, im just gonna take it easy..

    Yeah it was probly one damn blackout, felt like a big head rush, then i was gone.
  12. Something like that happened to me. I smoked a j, and went for some food. I needed to take a piss so i was in the toilet and just started banging my head off the wall and twitchign and i knocked myself out, and i woke up like 10s later. I went out to my friends telling them to leave with me quickly and apparently i was hiding behind the garbage can paranoid.
    Too bad i dont know did i actually knock myself out in the bathroom=[

    Id say it wasnt laced because somethign similar happened 1 more time.

    But imo it wasnt such a horrible experience even if it wasnt pleasent at all.
  13. That's wierd that's never happened to me.

  14. Bahaha be in high school...thx for posting in the right section...thx for the laff:hello:
  15. yeah its like you forget you even exist. it crazy and you realize your in the real world and your like shit i need to be straight.
  16. Thanks dick.........:wave:

    BasementPRO............ yeah man like that.
  17. Dude it's not Datura, it's weed.

    Calm down a little bit and don't try to be hyper or you'll have a panic attack.

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