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What ran through your head?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by topdog82, May 25, 2010.

  1. What the fuck am i getting into.

    The result is me being rarely unhappy.
  2. When i hit my first blunt i had already blazed for about a year and i had no tollerance at the time from a long break. I took one hit and didnt even hold it in and got high as hell. Right after i hit it my thoughts were just like "damn blunts are ill."
  3. This doesn't taste like grape, this is HOT!! Cough cough cough cough cough (like 5-10 solid min lol)..........I'm gonna die
  4. Probably

    "Im thirsty...I want another beer."

    It was a sloppy night :rolleyes:

  5. sometimes (at least by me) its easier for kids to get blunt wraps than papers or pipes
    but thats by me idk how your area is
  6. You have to be 18 to get either.
  7. Yes, in a perfect world. Here I see kids buying cigs, booze and cigars from the gas station all the time. And my town is far from a poor sketchy city. And yes, here you can get alcohol from gas stations.
  8. cant remember the first time i hit bud, i got way too stoned to remember anything. but i do remember the first time i hit a proper blunt at a party i had to play a gig at. i ended up sharing half of it with my cousin and spent the night greening out. before i hit it I thought "i probably shouldnt smoke too much of this cuz ive been smoking and drinking since i woke up it could push me over the limit"

    should have listened to my stoner instinct. now i smoke blunts to the dome as often as possible haha i havent greened in god knows how long. tolerance :(
  9. its just like breathing air just take a deap breath and it will be fine and u will get high and u like being high its a good thing. and then after about half a drag i thought i was gunna cough up a lung lol
    to be honest i wont ever refuse hittin a blunt if there is one rolled and present but honestly i will never roll one wit my own bud because i despise tobacco and i dont like the taste of blunts, joints are waaaayy better to me. and after about 2-5 blunts i get nicotine sickiness and get the spins and sometimes throw up. i wish that didnt happen to me but oh well i gues i gotta live with it and deal with it as best i can
  10. "yessssss, this is going to be so sweet. STOKAGE."

    I tried to revert to my 14 year old state of mind for this one.
  11. "Wow this is fuckin harsh!"
  12. "aah where's the water, my fkin throat burrns" I smoked outta bong and joints before that tho, I like all methods as long as I get high, but my fav is gravity bong, it does the job done.

  13. grav bongs are death lol. We rolled a blunt once and made a gravity bong out of one of those sports bottles, put the blunt in the end and toked the whole thing into the bottle. Then this guy comes in (one of my friends dads) gets the bottle, looks at it and I swear down he inhaled all that smoke at once.

    We were all fairly inexperienced then but we were like "wtf?" :O. Come to think about it, it was only like 1.8g in it or something, getting weed back then was a bastard.
  14. HAHA, same for me! The guys I were smoking with were like 'MAAAN This tastes sooo goood' and one was like 'dude... dude... is it just me... or are you seeing.. blue?'

    I was all 'hmm.. tastes like weed...' If anything it tasted more grape than blue because they rolled it in a grape cigar wrap.
  15. "this is harsh on my throat and taste like shit, but i'm loving how i feel."
  16. Befoure I took my first hit (it was not a blunt) I was soooo excited I wasnt thinking period I just grabed that jay and took the hugest hit I could... VERY BAD IDEA I was coughing for about 10 mins and thought I was going to die the reason I did this was that I had never smoked anything befoure not even a cigerette. I did not regret it afterwords nor did I question wheather it was the right thing to do befourehand beacause even when I didnt smoke I recognized that smoking the green stuff was not ethically wrong.
  17. "This tastes bad. Like tobacco. I hate blunts, wow. Wish we rolled a joint instead"

    That was what I thought when I hit my first blunt. I still think this today.
  18. i dont remember but I know it hurt my lungs like hell and I didn't get high.
  19. id already been blazing for a while before i smoked my first blunt, and it was in a sketchy situation (culdisac next to my high school) so i was probably thinking lets toke this shit and dip haha. i rmemeber getting pretty blown though haha.

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