what race are you?

Discussion in 'General' started by ugeman420, Mar 10, 2003.

  1. it was a thought that crossed my mind... how diverse is grasscity? just curious. peace
  2. keep in mind: three races:

    im the first one.
  3. HMMMMMm i'll have to give this some thought. I've never been asked that question before.
  4. caucasian, 1/4 dutch and 3/4 polish
  5. Well I have irish back ground with some aztac in there some where. I could be considered a little red..

    I guess I would be labeled as Human though!
  6. lol

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  7. alotta shit :p
  8. white-Austrian,German, and some Cherokee indian. Race isn't a big deal to me..after all its only skin.
  9. im 1/4 italian, 1/4 czeck and 1/2 white-american
  10. if u aint dutch u aint much.. :p
  11. full japanese
  12. im a little bit of everything..... like polish, german, irish, the only things that i am not is black, mexican, chinese, japanese, portarican, ya... im white........
  13. I was born in Lima, Peru (South America for the geographically challenged) to Peruvian parents; my grandparents are native French (father side) and indigenous Peruvian mixed with Spanish (mother side)

    In other words...I'm hispanic :D
  14. 1/2 German, 1/4 Romanian Gypsy (I'm serious), 1/4 French
  15. proud to be 100% WHITE.
  16. White tannish kinda color :)
  17. lts a fair question to want to know where everyone comes from .l note we have no poor countries here or muslims or buddist ,russians chinese ,asian,s in general or islamic people ???a bit scary really ....just some stoned thoughts.:D
  18. 5/8 German/Prussian, 1/8 Swiss, 1/8 Norwegian, 1/8 English.

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