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what quality would this be?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bandie, Sep 17, 2009.

  1. First of all, i'm new to smoking pot; i havn't done it yet.
    but i have plans with my friend.

    When I asked him how much I would owe him for the night; he said (of course) "I dont know yet"
    But the he said, "Probably not much more than 5 dollars."

    Since, I have never smoked it before, he probably isn't expecting me to smoke a whole ton, i guess.
    But what quality would the weed be?

    Sorry, I have no pictures.
    But can you tell just by the price? or no?
  2. Whatever quality he has, can't tell from how much he's making you toss down.
    He's probably not making you toss much, cause your his friend, he should just smoke you up.
  3. Charging a new person to smoking $5 is high unless he has dank (good quality marijuana)

    I would only ask fora few dollars from a friend and you probably won't need tons so don't let him make a profit off of you.
  4. if it's your first time and he's making you pay he's a pretty awful friend hahah
    I didn't actually contribute/buy a bag until probably my 15th time smoking, since most of my first times were at partys/with a lot of other people
  5. ...your friend is charging you money? No offense, but if I was going to introduce someone to cannabis, I'd do it for free. Your friend sounds scummy.
  6. if its less than 5 i dont even ask for money.
  7. well maybe he has 15 bucks and needed 5 more to pick up a dub.or his going to spend your 5 on a nick sack of stress(low grade).
  8. You can't necessarily tell the quality of weed from the price, however he is kind of cheap for making you pay your first time.;) But then again, I payed for my first time because me and my friend bought separate bags of the best weed I've ever smoked to this day :)
  9. Sounds like a bad friend. My friend who introduced me and I still smoke with ; smoked me up so much over the years I probably owe him close to a pound. We match and I smoke him out most of the time now though haha ; I'm getting him back.
  10. A good friend would smoke you out for your first time, free of charge.
  11. hey,after your done smoking,tell us what it was.if it was flat and had alot of stems and seeds,then it was low quality,but if not,how smelly did it smell?? if you smelt it before the bag was open,Good quality,if only after,mid quality. :smoking:
  12. yeh must be a bad friend, when i was introduced, i smoked weed free of charge with friends like 20 times before i even bought any
  13. yeah my budies smoked me a ton when i was a new. but i dont know his cirsumstance for charging you so w/e. The only time i think i ever asked for money from my friends was when I was driving someplace far and we were smoking all my shit. enjoy
  14. It's just five bucks.. Just give it to him? Weed costs money, you guys probably won't only smoke one bowl. Unless it's shit as weed, it's definitely not out of the question for him to ask for a couple bucks.

    Obviously I wouldn't do that to a friend, but everyone is different.
  15. It dont even matter the quality of bud man. A man with shitty weed is a man better off then a man without weed.

    LOL think I used the word MAN enough?????????
  16. yo what the fuck? how is he a bad friend, maybe he doesnt have money for weed so he wants to throw down. im sure if he had the weed in his possesion he would smoke him out for free.
  17. for a smoke session with a buddy 5 bucks seems fair. he is buying it isnt he? Since i usually do all the pickups for my roomies i always have them just throw down whenever. be grateful that he is introducing it to you, give him the money and offer to buy munchies? :)

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