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What puts the "altared" in your altered state?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by claarity, Dec 26, 2003.

  1. If you could name one or two things that DRAMATICALLY ENHANCE your high, what would they be?

    Something you do?
    A pipe you use?
    A place to be?
    A way to inhale?
    Something you avoid/don't do?

    Beyond the weed you are using- what adds measurably to your experience, to the attainment of altered states?

    And - can you say how much it adds? 10%? 50%? A whole new ball game? New Galaxy?

    When you share your experience, your essence lights the world...
  2. Get my spoon "Soliloquy".
    Nothing special, but I blew her importance to me out of proportion... just because.

    It doesn't matter where. But when I record stuff, I never listen to it, so to have my need to communicate with my sober self fullfilled, I need to write stuff down or draw. Or just take time out of my schedule to listen... or just listen while I'm doing the nothing that I always do... hey, that's a good idea.

    I like to not fall asleep... sometimes I do though, I just say to myself "fuck it"... I kinda regret it in the morning for wasting a high.

    With friends, it's always fun, but still, I always have to keep a little notebook thing on hand.

    Oh, and music definetly enhances it... if I have nothing fun to do. I love playing an instrument while high, even though it may not be good to sober listeners most of the time... the stoned ones think it rocks. Also, when a lava lamp is heating up and the shit shoots up and hardens... me and friends see some sweet, and sometimes freaky, shit in it.
    Well, that's all I really have to contribute.
  3. Share it with a friend. I always feel like I'm higher when I have someone to share it with.
  4. I agree with what everyone else is saying, but my little input would be... listen to your favorite kind of music or favorite artist. For me it's like Tool, Slipknot, Blow Soundtrack, or the Requiem for a Dream Soundtrack. Lots and lots of bass enhances my high.
  5. Definately the piece you use enhances your high. A nice bubbler or a bong will put you in the altered state. Blunts never hurt either. Music is also an essential. I listen to a variety of music so the style varies from Bob Dylan and the Dead, to Big L and Dre Dog, and just about everything in between.
  6. I like to use my different pieces to mix things up a bit. Also, I have a certain routine I seem to always follow when smoking at home. I think it helps me relax, forget about any troubles and generally feel higher.
  7. Play with adobe photoshop and listen to trip hop.
    Go to and do a search for "psy". Click on the first station called Ambient Chillout Psy and crank it up! You will need Winamp to listen. I get lost in my own little dimension.
  8. Make sure youve done everything you might need to do or that someone might tell you to do first. Nothing is worse than when you get stoned and your parents start telling you to do a bunch of chores.
  9. what i do is right when im off the pipe i blow a little bit of smoke out,suck it back in,then hold it for like 10 seconds,then exhale through my nose,id say it adds maybe 10 %
  10. yeah definatly gettin stoned with other people, i toked with my roomate for the first time i like a month and it was great!!! i dont even know how much we smoked it was crazy!!

  11. have to be the first thing...then great tunes :D :smoke:
  12. i think even when i have a high tolerance... smoking in a really cool place enhances the high/mood like 50%
    mountains are incredible, a great view and a good place to smoke.
    beaches are cool too, just staring out at absolutely nothing on the water.... trippy.

    my best experience ever was 3 bowls of hash and a tobacco/hash joint on top of a huge ass hill in barcelona looking out over the mediterranean (first time i had tried has too)

    big blunts & bongs can get the job done just as well though.

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