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What "purple" variety should I use?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by plugged, Sep 20, 2007.

  1. I've only had the pleasure of smoking purple bud once. It was really dense and I got a great high from it.

    Long story short, I need some variety in my garden. I'm currently planning white Widow, Blueberry, Mango, Ed Rosenthal Suberbud, and some kind of purple bud.

    I just don't know the purple strains well enough to know which is the best. I'm growing SOG style, so keep that in mind when making recommendations. I'm looking for the best, highest quality purple bud you can think of.

    If you do recommend a strain it'd be great to have a link to it from a seedbank that ships to the USA. :) Thanks for any & all input.
  2. I would be lookin for some GDP - GrandDaddy Purp
  3. Purple Kush.

    sorry i don't have any links,my friend was telling me about it the other day selling it for 650 an O!
  4. Damn, doing some reading, both of those look damn good. Having better luck finding Purple Kush from seedbanks though, so I'd assume GDP is either REALLY fucking good, or that it's still a domestic strain and hasn't hit the other countries yet.
  5. Further reading tells me that GDP is a clone-only strain in California. I'm in Oregon, but I don't know if I'm prepared to road trip to the bay area to TRY to find that club that sells GDP clones :( If I knew exactly where I could, that'd be different... ;)

    So I think purple kush is out. Any other good purple strains that are easier to get?


    Also found this, not sure if it's accurate or not. Seems to be a hard strain to get though, I can't even find someone claiming they had a seed from a GDP plant. I think it's probably one of those clone-only medical crops from the bay area & southern california. :( It looks so damn good though..

  6. I had a friend pick up a gram of some GDP the other day from the club.

    It was pretty good.
  7. The strongest purple strain I ever smoked was Purple Ice. If you can find it, grow it.
  8. purple ice or purple kush.

    but damn i've never seen anything like that picture. get your hands on some of that son.

  9. [​IMG]
    Yes I agree here with this one. But are you from California? If not that sucks because I think the only way you can get it is from clone not seed.

    Well I don't know about $650 an ounce (not here in Cali, its $350/oz) but purple Kush is the shit.

    And for the record, if your dealer is saying its GDP and its not, find another dealer.
  10. Purple Urkel is nutsss
  11. Sweet Purple paradise seeds is a good one
  12. Finally a recommendation I CAN get ;) I can't get those clone-only strains.
  13. yea GDP is a clone only strain ive heard. you are better off jus gettin a strain of purp that has a good discription and look. i dont kno about the rest of the country but in the south we mainly only get purp haze or kush and somtime its not even purp at all it is jus a good quality bud that might have suffered low night temps durin the flowerin process...
  14. plugged- thats purple urkel. thats a hard plant to grow . i would go with purple kush

  15. People are often ignorant to the fact that you could basically put the purple color into any strain by lowering the temps during the flowering process. How do I know for a fact? My father in-law had a grow article on the cover of high times back in 04, and I have learned a lot from him.
  16. ...gdp only slightly difficult to come by around here (mass) **sarcastic cough**

    the only purple bud around here worth smoking is purple purp (which comes around surprisingly often enough), that'll kicks your ass if your not ready for it.... been smoking for years and i still cough like hell and am pretty much fucked if i make plans for the following 2 or so hours.... very potent smoke
  17. I think I'm just gonna go with a purple kush variety. Thanks for the input guys. GPD is just too hard to find.
  18. I recomend Purple Creme.....Its is sooooo smooth
    It had me stuck
  19. purp kush for sure
  20. I dont think you gettin purple haze. I had a friend try to sell me some sayin it was $35 a gram which i knew was a lie from the beginning.

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