What PS2 Game should I buy next?!

Discussion in 'General' started by meehai, May 2, 2006.

  1. I'm looking around for a new PS2 Game as I have just finished the game Black, and am looking for an adventure game. Tomb Raider looks the best bet, but I've heard mixed reviews... What is the best game u own??
  2. wrong section

    buy Guitar Hero
  3. is obvilion gonna be for ps2?
  4. Dude seriously, if you want adventure check out any of These:

    Indigo Prophecy, Shadow of the Colossus, Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence, Kingdom Hearts 2, Resident Evil 4, and the game that everyone with a PS2 should have played by now... GOD of WAR!

    Indigo Prophecy is one of the most trip out games I've ever played, along with Psychonauts.
  5. winning eleven 9
  6. dont waste your money on ps2 games. Save up for a xbox 360. Also there is a way to burn games for ps2 so u dont have to keep going out and spending 20 bucks or so on a game
  7. Xbox 360 is great but if you don't have it then Godfather is a really good game for PS2. It is kinda like the Grand Theft Auto games, if you like those.
  8. yeah but it's gonna be expensive, i heard like a jillion dollars :(
  9. this guy has GREAT taste in games. I have them all exept the new kingdom hearts, which I will get soon. I've been playing psychonauts lately. HILARIOUS AND AWESOME GAME. All of those games are really good though. I finihsed all of them except psychonauts which I am playing now, and KH2 which I like I said I haven't gotten yet.

    edit: by the way, don't listen to the kids trying to get you to buy xbox 360. very overrated and few good games right now. ps3 is going to blow it away.

    also, it all depends on what kind of games you like? do you like action adventure games? god of war, resident evil 4, metal gear solid 3, shadow of the colossus.... all great choices.

    indigo prophecy is too, but it's played differently. it's played with rhythm combos and such, but the story is really good and interesting. like a murder mystery gone sci-fi... could easily be a movie.

    psychonauts is really fun, and genuinely hilarious. this is probably the most funny game I've ever played. it's a mix of adventure and platformer, with lots of witty dialogue, subtle drug humor, and plot twists. very fun.

    tomb raider legend is supposed to be pretty good, but you should get one of the other games mentioned if you haven't played them, becuase they are actually much better games. a game doesn't need to be new to be good.

    any of the prince of persia games are good too.
  10. Yeah bro wrong section, but save up for a 360 it has some kick ass games, but if you dont want that the game has already been said GUITAR HERO!!!
  11. Don't buy a game, buy a modchip and download all the games you could ever want.
  12. I do have some burned games I admit, simply because I can't afford to buy every game I want to play, but you really should buy atleast your favorite games. piracy can really hurt smaller developers. for example, psychonauts got really low sales because it got hardly any publicity, even though it is a very good game that got good reviews from critics. I burn games I'm curious about playing or will play only once in a while and buy my favorites... like... some of the games I own that I bought are: God of War, Gran Turismo 4, Xenosaga, Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence, Shadow of the Colossus, and Resident Evil 4...
  13. Listen to diamond rasta; Guitar Hero for the win.

    (Also, you should consider moving the post before a moderater does it for you... just a heads up.)
  14. resident evil 4; the best game ever created (aside from earthbound and super metroid:smoking:)
  15. Kingdom Hearts 2.
  16. no, buy God of War, great game. or if you want an RPG, get dragon quest 8, its pretty good.


    And Gamecube is what it is.:cool:
  18. yeah I agree with you. I burn them when they are new releases just becuase they are like 50 dollars but once the price drops I buy them if they are good. Anybody here ever played the game narc? It's pretty sweet.
  19. I gotta agree with Kingdom Hearts 2, it's an awesome game. I love the originality and fighting alongside Donald Duck and Goofy is a fuckin trip. Plus revisiting your childhood with all the Disney movies is sick, and the Pirates of the Caribbean world is amazing, the graphics are godly, and they got Captain Jack's mannerisms down to a T.
  20. Theres somthing better than Guitar Hero, theres a game where you get a turn-table like set up, and it's synched like that, It's really fun, I played it at Frys Electronics, but I dont know the title

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