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  1. Do you all reccommend for burning movies to dvd?
  2. Nero always does a nice job but its slower than some of the others.

    If you need to convert it first then winavi is very fast and does most formats but I find Nero has better quality :smoke:
  3. DVDflicks

    It's as simple as it gets. You drag video (virtually any format) into it, and burn. You can select menus and whatnot as well. Create title pages, whatever you want to do really. Oh, and it's free.
  4. I used to have a really good one but I forgot the name
  5. OneClickDvDCopy Pro. I know it sounds and looks corny but its never failed. Also get DVD 43 to decrypt the encryption media companies put on their discs. Burning a DVD takes 5 clicks really..but that includes opening the copy program/decryption software :D
  6. I second DVDflick, its free and has always worked great for me
  7. MagicISO is the way to go. It's free and simple, and also lets you rip discs as well as mount ISO files on virtual drives.

    Avoid Nero like a Hungarian hooker. It slows your computer to unbelievable levels and fucks with your files so bad it isn't even funny. Crashes often and freezes your computer.
  8. Yeah, I would recommend magicISO to.

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