what produce should i expect from 600w hps

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  1. Hi there,

    Just using a 600w HPS and soil with bag seed, Soil and basic nutes. I'm wondering if i should expect something special from a 600w grow??

    anyone want to comment?
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    there are way to many factors that go in determining this, it can't be done

    Usually people shoot for 1 gram per watt, this is just a rule of thumb and a ball park figure, a first timer may or may not be able to hit it spot on, but hopefully a decent idea and something to work towards
  3. WOW!
    1 gram per watt so i could expect 600grams per wat..... are you sure that would be about 20 ounces off one plant.... surely not????? I would be very happy if it were so.....

    I have a plant under it now, but i aint getting anything near that though...... about 40 days into flowering got 2 small colas about as long as my finger.......... a few nice buds on the bush but certainly not 1 gram per watt

    but i guess I would be stressing the hell out of this little girl... i'm picking frost covered leaves off it every day sometimes twice a day...... wouldn't help.....:smoking:
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    FYI I don't grow soo I don't know

    But I recall reading quite a bit and know some experienced grizzly might be able to pull more than 1 gram per watt, I didn't know you only had 1 plant, which is why I said these questions are impossible to answer, which is obviously cuz no actual growers cared to reply,

    But ya, given optimum condition(meaning your taking full advantage having more than 1 plant under 600watt, 1 gram per watt can be done.

    I'm not saying youll hit it, but id say its a decent goal. If you don't hit it, I'd question your set up and reevsluate how your doin things, just my 2 cents.

    I bet that lamp gets hot... If your only doin 1 plant I probably would have gone with less just cuz more doesn't always equal better, in every situation.

    Reread your first sentence, 1 gram per watt, not 600 grams per watt. Again you probably won't hit it, but some people do, itll make a nice goal.

    Edit: fuckin iPod likes to correct my spelling, grizzlies in the first sentave = grower my bad lol
  5. 1 plant 600watts waste of the money your using for lights a 250w would be great take clones or sprout seeds...1 gram per watt is a great goal check out scrog type of training even more per watt
  6. a 600 watter could produce I would say close to 1.75 lbs dry if done right. Not just from one plant though you would have to have a few i would say 6 3 gallons would probably do the job or 4 5 gallons.

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