What premix soil for first 2x4 grow tent/Viparspectra 600 led?

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  1. Hi guys & gals. This is my first real attempt at indoor growing. I have the vivosun 2x4 tent and Viparspectra 600w led. Can you suggest a premix soil that should do me good, what size/type pots, hum/therm and whatever nutrients or additives I should get. I was originally planning on trying deep water culture but changed my mind at the last minute. If there are any other brand specific accessories you could suggest, I'd appreciate greatly!
  2. Looks like you need to do a ton of reading.

    Find a grow journal from someone else growing in a small tent under LED and mirror what they have done.

    For example's sake....I'd do a SOG. 1-2 gallon pots. Ocean forest is decent premix soil...as is Roots. (though they are different) DON'T use MG soils or any other soil that is pre-loaded with nutes. Once they are in that kinda shit...you are just along for the ride...wherever it may go.

    Find a nute line that doesn't have 600 bottles you need (or don't need is usually the case) Something with a Grow formula and a Bloom formula....and that's it. >>> K.I.S.S.<<< Don't overfert! It WON'T make them grow faster. I would avoid products with high NPK numbers. It's just too easy to OD your plant and such ferts often cause serious stress.

    As I say...mirror a successful grow that is carried out like what you want to do.

    Slow and steady for the WIN. Don't over-love your plants. (misting, over-ferting, over-trimming are all common noob mistakes you want to avoid at all costs)

    good luck!
  3. I used the 450 watt version with 3 plants

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  4. 2 450 watt lights would be the ideal amount in my opinion

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  5. If you manage the canopy better or just scrog all the way that would be the most optimal

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  6. This was the first cycle with the 450watt

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