What PPM range towards the end of flowering ?

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    I got a question. I'm still learning the ropes to play with PPM's ranges. I have 3 plants entering their last week of flowering and I noticing some leaf burn in one of them. I'm feeding the same PPM level 1070 - 1100 range. What are the advisable PPM's range towards the end of flowering ?
  2. What growing medium are you using?

  3. DWC and Coco Coir
  4. I've seen up to 1850 ppm's at the end of a cycle. 1100 should be no problem. I do believe this can be strain specific and many other environmental factors can also play a role. With high light and co2 levels, healthy plants can take up and use a great amount of nutes. I like to read my plants and let them tell me what they want. I always like to flush coco every so often through the cycle to avoid nute and salt build ups as well. So again the end ppm range for a cycle can be dependent on a ton of factors. If only one of your plants are showing tip burn, you may want to check the runoff. If the runoff is higher in ppm's then what your putting in (1100) you have a definite build up in your medium, calling for a good flush.
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  5. In my case is proven thru scientific data test done by ME :D . If I feed the strains I have right now with something above 1100 PPMs it will start problems on the leaves. Right now what I will do is just flush until the end. I just really want to give it a kick with Overdrive one more time, but i do not want to risk it for one strange passing fancy. If you know what I mean ;)

  6. DON'T FLUSH YOUR COCO! i've been in coco for years, and really love the stuff. one thing i noticed early on in coco, was you don't need extremely high ppm feeds. i'm half way through flower right now, and my ppm is in the mid range 800's. i feed once a day, and allow for a good 15-20% run-off every time i feed. this eliminates the need to flush. this run-off acts as a flush in itself. if you're trichomes are telling you it's time to harvest, then stop adding nutes and just give plain non-ph'd water. remember to allow for run-off. you might even want to allow for 25% or more run-off. this will flush out nutes in the medium. when you do this it is likely that the leaves will start looking like the plants have issues. this is just the plants using up stored nutes in the leaves and is normal.

  7. Its hard to drop the ppm's knowing that its the plants food. We all want our girls to eat, and eat well. good luck and let us know the results of the flush.

  8. "DON'T FLUSH YOUR COCO!" ....... "you might even want to allow for 25% or more run-off. this will flush out nutes in the medium."

  9. Thanks that was reassuring ! Uff ! No panic then !

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