What pots to flower in?

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  1. Hey guys
    Just a random question.
    Once I get into the flowering stage of my next project, I am going to be using 5gal smart pots in trays. My question is though, what size pots will I need for veg and how tall will they have to be.

    Some people say 12 - 18 inches but that's for 3gal flowering pots. I was gonna flip them in my 120x120x200 once they reached 22 inches because they can double their size, but some can triple in size and I don't really want to be taking them down a week or two early because they hit the top of the tent.

    Im thinking of doing 2 transplants during their lives

    probably start off in a pot noodle cup, then transplant a week after gemination into a 6.5l then another 2 weeks in this pot before I move to 5gal smart pots and then I will leave them another 2 weeks in this pot to gain a good rooting system.

    I am hoping that with only 2 transplants, my girls dont slow down their growth and I am also hoping with 5 weeks veg in my 120x120x200 that they wont become root bound in their 5gal pots.

    How would transplanting them compare to just germing in the 5gal smart pots? and if I did it this way, what sort of veggin time would be needed?
  2. Sorry about the topic title, I meant what pots to veg in xD
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  4. Thank you sirbudz :)
    I haven't done anything in 5gal smart pots before so can't wait to see the root structures after having more air to them :D

    Would you say that 22 inches in veg is good enough for flowering in 5gal pots?

    I really want the whole pot covered without my girls getting all tied up and root bound
  5. I veg about a month and let them get about a foot tall before I switch to flower. After vegging a month, by about the 5th week of flowering my plants get to about 5 1/2 ft. tall.
  6. 5.5ft ???? stretch much.
  7. They grow 4 and a half feet just flowering..? I'm sorry if im out of order saying this, but maybe you could bring your lights closer to your plant and put a fan between the light and the tops of the plant if you don't have an air cooled system. I only say this because I didn't even get 3 foot strech in my first grow
  8. I hate xplanting and have found starting in a large styro cup (32oz) can xplant once after sexing, into 5 or 7 gal containers and done. I bought the cups in bulk at pennies per. Fold foil under to catch run-off and cheap and easy, slit styro with xacto and place undisturbed rootball into new flowerpot. I go @ a month in the cups, no stress. Not good for me to start in large container because of wasted light/space that early. 

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    Yes they grew 4ft in flowering and that's with the lights slammed to them. I am running an air-cooled setup so I had no problems with heat. You can see exactly what I'm talking about in my grow journal. They grow all their height in flowering very fast. I'm getting roughly 2lbs per 1000w light. Some strains stay shorter so depending on strain your heights will vary but Super Skunk were some tall ladies lol. Check out the link below. I have a pretty sweet setup.

    2000w Sensi Seed Super Skunk Coco Grow Journal:

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