What plant has similar nutritional needs to cannabis?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Cannabizoid, May 24, 2017.

  1. I'm going to go buy some stuff to make a organic supersoil from a garden store that is an actual garden store not a cannabis garden store and I know they are very hands on with helping customers and I just want to be able to say something when they ask what I'm growing and I want that to have similar nutritional needs to cannabis so I don't go and say "oh yea I'm growing basil" and go and buy stuff that should not be used to grow basil and make them say "hey thats not for basil you need this" and make it all awkward.. weird scenario I know but it's good to not be shady when buying growing stuff lol
  2. I'm asking because they have some nutrient rich premixed organic soils and composte that I can mix together and throw a bit of fertilizer and kelp meal in there and I'm good to go for a half assed water only soil and Im not sure what ones to buy because I'm a noob
  3. You'd be better off researching and buying some good cannabis specific soil. If you don't you'll be forever dealing with nutrient def/toxicities and the thing about nutrient soil is you can't really take anything out. You'd be amazed with the stuff you can order online
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  4. I'm not even making this up - Tomatoes.

    Until you begin flowering, of course.
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  5. They wont ask. Just tell them it is for container gardening and you are doing mixed veg and flowers if they do. What amendments are you getting?
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  6. I'm only making this soil for a couple plants me and my buddy are growing in his backyard this summer.. I am planning on getting a tent after my wedding in july and after that I will use the easy organic recipe in the organic section but for this grow we just want to use a all purpose dry fertilizer and good soil... it's just a hobby for fun grow were not in it for cannabis cup or anything lol

    Was gonna mix this

    All Purpose Potting Soil - Fafard

    And this half and half

    Sea Compost with Peat, Seaweed and Shrimp - Fafard

    Amend with this

    Fertilo® All-Purpose Granulated Fertilizer - Fafard

    And some extra perilite

    And some kelp meal and dolomite lime..

    no idea what ratios of amendments to do.. was just gonna follow directions but put a bit less cause the soil already has lime
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  7. I just don't have the time to cook a soil for that long so I wanted to stay away from tons of dry amendments for this soil...

    I'm gonna start cooking my soil for August in the next week though
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