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What pisses you off?

Discussion in 'General' started by ThatAintNoSkunk, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. I'm the kind of guy that sees the glass as half empty and it seems that more and more just people in general piss me of to the point where I want to shoot them/myself
  2. Iknowthatfeelbro.jpg
  3. Anyone else? I know there's threads like this but this one's fresh haha
  4. Bootleggers, eugenicists, ethnic cleansing, martial law, global white supremacy, political immaturity, police brutality... Anyone who harms the defenseless.
  5. Alabama football.
  6. Anything tends to piss me off. A used tea bag on the side, people who park like a twat at Asda or just drive wrong, things left out not where they should be, people who wear scarves and a tee shirt together, lads with makeup, fat girls, people walking whilst texting, people calling the man in the corner shop a paki when he's Indian, people asking for 20p for the bus, people who drive in the petrol station the wrong way, women talking in the middle of a queue or street, health and safety, old people, not having my favourite pot noodle in stock but the thing that really pisses me off is when someone is like a 'team leader' or something at a job and they feel they have some kind if power And they don't... They really wind me up. Oh and when the cat doesn't shit in her tray and shits on the floor, maths irritates me, just people in general really I really do prefer my own company. And when someone's blowing your high with miserable crap dreary news...
  7. :true haha true genius ^^^
  8. People who don't know that the past tense of "grind" is "ground," NOT "grinded."

    "I grinded up some herb last night." WTF?

    Solution: Smoke less, pay more attention in school.
  9. No sir smoke the same amount if not more and still pay attention in school. Focus on what the English language sounds like and focus less on what " dat hood talk " sounds like
  10. I ground up some weed last night?


    I grinded up some weed lastnight?

    Sure its fking communicating we are a MELTING POT

    I can't believe you seriously have a problem with that

    Smoke more.
  11. Ppl who dont practice what they preach..but always preaching!
  12. Another thing to add to the list - virgin media sending me a letter which says I can have hd tv, 100mb broadband and that over 80% of my neighbourhood are already connected to.

    I already know I don't live in one of these areas so I call them everytime I get a letter and argue for an hour demanding broadband and the virgin tv box that 80% of my neighbourhood allegedly have. I know they don't have it but when I'm on the phone they have no answer so we just argue for an hour.
  13. Some of you kids don't even know the basics of your native language. I realize it's mostly the fault of government schools, but WTF it makes you sound stupid.

    Do you think it's "cool" to sound stupid? It won't be cool when you try to advance your career, but it won't matter if you don't mind living near the bottom the rest of your life.

    In another generation or so, you'll all be screaming at each other like chimpanzees because that's all you'll know. [​IMG]
  14. I hate when preppy white guys wearing kakies hollister/polo shirts with a flat brimmed hat and gangster music " getting high " with weed their parents most likely financed. Fake motherfuckers seeking social acceptance by conformity
  15. 1.) People who don't act their fucking age.
    2.) "musical" elitists
    3.) stuck up women
    4.) people who use their status as a crutch
    5.) nihilists
    6.) people who use others' weaknesses as their gain
    7.) mind games
    8.) spiteful people
    9.) animal abusers
    10.) child abusers

    There's a whole lot more, but those are my top 10 that really fucking irritate me
  16. everyone in this thread haha

  17. Bitches that smile in ur face but flirt wit yo man behind ur back
  18. Police, authority figures, stupid laws for the government to make money like jaywalking or not wearing a seatbelt, taxes, moochers, people with bad attitudes or just straight up bitches, fake people
  19. Top irritation. People like this specimen here send my anger levels to a point of inflamed rage

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