What pisses you off when your high?

Discussion in 'General' started by Betamax Bandit, Sep 29, 2009.

  1. What pisses me off is when I'm high and I'm just trying to chill out and chuckle a bit and there's always someone that ruins my mellow by being extremely hyperactive and always being rude and bothers me with something that is off topic to the otherwise completely cool conversation that I'm just getting into. :mad:
  2. sobering up pisses me off when i'm high
  3. When someone knocks the bong over on my expensive ass carpet. :mad:

    Oh and stupid ass bitches.
  4. Dumb threads...haha jk.
  5. I agree. Knocking over the fucking bong. In the places in my house where I generally smoke with friends I have intentionally placed spots for the bong. 'Coffee' table, side tables next to the chair, etc. Yet somehow people decide to place it right next to their feet? It just baffles me.

    I'm considering making a sign for the table "PLACE BONG HERE" or some shit, or just investing in a hookah since that's harder to knock over.
  6. qft...:D
  7. People who bitch about not being high.

    Not my problem asshole.
  8. people who say "IM SO HIGH" nonstop. and dumbasses who think being high is like tripping and do stupid shit to you..yeah..lol
  9. NHL 10 god damnit piss ass sharks
  10. People looking at me all concerned and shit like 'are you high?'


    At least that's what I feel like saying but I know how bad it would look.
  11. Sucking some ash through the pipe.
    People that go apeshit over food. I don't mind if you want to eat 3 quarter pounders, but please try not to make a mess.
    People that are always wanting to smoke more, but don't have weed.

    There's this kid I know, he's an alright guy I guess, but he's not a smoker. He always hangs out with us when we're smoking (by his choice) and just bitches about it. He can't smoke (In the National Guard), and wouldn't even if he could. For whatever reason though, he just invites himself to our sessions and complains.
  12. when me and my girl fight... i just get so sad man :/
  13. I Feel your pain my brotha. one of the worst high blowers ever is getting into a fight with your lady. HATE IT
  14. ^ This. I don't even bother arguing these days, I have established that it's completely and utterly pointless and futile.

  15. this and two face bitches ,cuz i see right thou them.it's like bold face lies.they can suck my dick on that one. and people who try to say "something isn't what it is but yet it is". like re-wording yet didn't change their angle.Here's an Ex."I didn't take a crap,i took a shit." they just said the same thing twice.
  16. the worse part is, it doesnt even kill your buzz.. you just get sad man and then a taylor swift song magically appears and you get even more sad :(
  17. this and people who wont stop touching me hahahah.
  18. my life :(

    i need a t-break, been smoking too much weed making me depressed.
  19. people who blow into the bowl.
    people who push up on me and dont give a fuck.
    people who ask me about a show when i just started washing it.
  20. when people freak the fuck out. and when people get super mega paranoid. that one pisses me off

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