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  1. I just got out of rehab so I feel the need to rant. I can't stand those ex pothead got sober people. They rip on us stoners and make it seem like bud is like crack. we're just having fun getting stoned why do people have to demonize it everywhere in society? jobs drug test parents drug test and schools drug test. but smoking cigarettes is A ok right? fukin ridiculouse why do people have such a negative view of weed. I don't understand why it is so socially unnacceptable
  2. Pharmaceutical companies pay politicians to tell everyone that it's unacceptable because of all the money they would lose if it were legal. Cigarettes are fine because they cause health problems, not fix them.
  3. I feel like its been repetitive to say that but its so true...and as citizens we havnt had control over these issues for way too long :(
  4. Theyre just proud of themselves and feel the need to brag, I agree its pretty lame.
  5. The only solution I've ever seen is just better education on the subject. That and us stoners need to be getting jobs as politicians!
    Not all folks in recovery wheather it's rehab or AA/NA, whatever are like that. Mostly it's newly sober AA nazi's who know they have all of the answers. Old timers, for the most part aren't like that, they know it takes what it takes & don't sweat the stupidity of newcommers. There used to be a saying the old timers came up with, 'there's a wrench for every nut in AA,' it applies.
  7. You went to rehab for weed?!? And you're pissed off?

    In my outpatient we would've laughed you out of the room.

    Be grateful you don't have real problems.
  8. Not everyone has a choice in whether or not they have to go to rehab. Lots of people have to choose between rehab or jail/prison.
  9. I doubt he went willingly.
  10. I couldn't tell you were pissed off by your all-caps username

  11. not everyone has a choice

  12. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uUPHlAbAf2I]Half Baked (8/10) Movie CLIP - Thurgood Goes to Rehab (1998) HD - YouTube[/ame]
  13. I realize he probably didn't have a choice, I didn't really either...

    But Id think after you meet a bunch of people that fucked up you'd be grateful just to be a pothead...

    I understand how it could be frustrating either way though.
  14. i disregarded every other post because you are obviously part of or have been part of the program and are right... new commers really do tend to get like fucking nazi's on the subject. talk to old timers... when you have problems that you need to share they ten to have more solutions. new commers tend to go striaght to the book or just share other problems.... the thing that a lot of us realize is that weed isnt going to kill anybody. we are just worried,,,,sometimes, if you hang out with your pals that blow smoke again then you may be tempted to go back to old drugs of choice. as far as cigs and coffee go.... ignore those issues. yes they are extremely hypocritical but they are also smaller battles that will never get won.
  15. also very true
  16. Im also involved in AA and CA if you have any questions.

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