what pieces have you lost over the year

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  1. losing/breaking/getting stolen/confiscated glass is a part of life for alot of stoners.. so i was wondering what all pieces u have sadly lost over the years and how... here are mine:

    spoon... back in high school
    glass on glass 18'' bong with ice catcher... drunk :devious:
    sherlock bubbler... got it for free (70$ from a friend)... stolen
    another bubbler with slide... had to stash in the woods, not there when i got back
    another, really nice spoon... lost at a party

    haha as you can tell, i shouldnt be investing in glass. but i love a good glass piece :p so what all have you guys lost over the years?
  2. search button. i know i already saw a thread like this today
  3. my first bowl ever from a gas station 15 dollars
    bubbler got from same place 30 dollars
    roor steam roller 80 dollars
    roor mini 300 dollars
    ashcatcher 80 dollars
    bowl i got in cali 30 dollars
    bubbler i got in cali 60 dollars
    bowl i got from 42 in atlanta 30 dollars
    chillum - 10 dollars
  4. i can't remember :smoke:
  5. cheap 1st glass bong - cracked and shattered trying to glue plastic base back on it
    2nd bong - couldn't take it across country so gave it to girlfriend that later broke up with (horrible mistake)
    1st spoon - dropped onto tile shattered in a million peices
    multiple slides in various ways
    2nd spoon - sat up and it was under me and rolled off couch onto tile
    and yesterday broke my only slide

    i'm afraid to buy anything expensive
  6. i broke my very first pipe and after that none of them. All the pieces I no longer have I either sold or gave away.

    edit: i had a giant chinese zong that a friend broke, but he payed me back on the spot
  7. D:
    i'm sorry to hear about your losses :cry:
  8. well obviously theres a place for it if these people are commenting...:p
  9. lost my very first spoon that i bought in Puerto Rico when i was 16, earlier in the summer. It was being passed around the car, my boy forgot it was sitting in his lap when he got out of the car and it shattered :(. Needless to say I was quite upset but my clumsy friend bought me a brand new bubbler the next week for my birthday
  10. I really haven't lost anything but I have given a few away hoping they'll bring joy to someones life and maybe I'll smoke out of it once again.
  11. i lost a cheap 12" bong in my apartment move...i hardly ever used it (used my bub and 18" bong more) and i didnt want to lug it around, so it went in the dumpster, it was glass but not GoG, piece was like 60 bucks

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