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What pieces are 6' under?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Vicious, Sep 10, 2007.

  1. I've had a Huge hammer bubbler. That set me back $120

    this was the Twister

    The Zong


    and as of today this has a massive crack in it and will probably chip in two soon.


    and my friend hasn't fixed my HF Vapebros vape yet.
  2. nice collection
  3. If a piece is cracked but not yet broken, it should be simple for a blower to fix, make sure it isnt further damaged and clean it and ask a blower or at your local headshop (lots of them deal directly with blowers, and can have custom work done)
  4. :(

    Within the first week my friend tipped my zong over. It cracked around where the down steam went. I wasn't even pissed, just extremely said. I told him he fucked up and sooner or later it would break. He thought nothing of it since to him, it still seemed fine. Month later im smoking and go to take out the down steam and the whole front of the bong come off with it. I was in shock.

    I taped it up and tried to make do. I stashed it away and used the twister. One day my mom found them ( alot has changed between then and now) and made me get ride of them. I was riding around on beachside with the worthless Zong and saw a friend skating. Asked him if he wanted a bong. He took it stuffed it in his shirt and rode off. I gave my best friend my twister since I could use it there everyday. It tipped over while he was in the shower after a wake and bake and broke it on the second day.

    Nearly 4 months after that I went to this new guy I meet's house. Walk into the room and they're hitting my old ass zong, more fucked up and more taped up than you could imagine. Kid sold that shit to him for $150.

  5. i dont let my friends use my expensive peices anymore... like my $250+ ones because they ALWAYS break my shit. and i ALWAYS make them pay.

    i'd hate to make them pay $250+ so i usually only take out my pipes or my smaller bong when theyre around

    some ppl man its like they just dont pay attention or something, break EVERYTHING

    but ya, ive had 1 bong broken, 1 zong, 1 bubbler, 2 pipes, and some scummy ass kid stole my grinder once.. he got fucked tho. no details necessary
  6. I know how people can break things. Before a sesh I say " now, if by some chance you happen to break this bong, I don't care if an earthquake occurs and you drop it...I will NOT hesitate to kill you :) " And give them a vicious grin. It actually works. The only piece I've ever broken was after I washed my hands and the phone rang, so I grabbed the spoon and ran to the phone and my hands were still wet. So in turn I ended up throwing it 20 feet across the room, losing a packed bowl and a piece.
  7. I would extremly pissed if a friend broke my $250 bong - Knowing my buddys they wouldn't pay
  8. Yea, that's really annoying isn't it? People just don't understand that a nice bong is a serious investment, and something to be treated with respect.

    My friend broke my $350 KC Perc, luckily it's still fixable, but it's still the principle of it. I got so pissed at him for that.
  9. I don't think I've payed more than US$20 for a piece ever. I just have some pipes and two bubblers which you *may* call miniature bongs.

    I'm thinking about getting rid of a lot of my gear because I just don't ever use it. Example - my self-standing pipe from Holland, my vap pipe from the same, and one of my bubblers.

    Staying on topic, a piece that is 6' under for sure is my original device...something I made out of a bic pen and a floss container. So dodgy it ruled, but its gone now.

    I don't have any pics currently, but will do an edit later.

    EDIT: [​IMG]
  10. is that codeine in the last pic? My little 2 year old brother went into my room found my brand new bubbler and threw it onto the wood floor haha, thank god it broke into 3 clean pieces i gorilla glued that shit and it's good as new.

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