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What Piece?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Mdzthatsme, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. Alright, so my friend and i are looking to get a piece for the two of us because right now we are just using his steamroller and while it is sweet, man those hits are harsh.

    so what i was wondering is what piece should we get?
    keep in mind that when we smoke its covert, like, either parked somewhere in my car or somewhere outside. so i know we don't want like, some crazy ziggy water bong. but what is something that is relatively small and gives smoother hits than a steamroller?
    much appreciated.
  2. Just grab a bubbler dude.....totally will make the difference your looking for
  3. you could invest in a bubbler. they are pretty pocket-sized, and can be real cool looking.
    hits as smooth as a bong!
  4. I just use a 2 chamber bubbler i have, its pretty compact. That's what i'd recommend

  5. JUst get a mini glass pipe there pocket size and there the shi.t:smoking:

  6. He has a pipe breh....there pretty much the same as a roller...
  7. Bongs are tops. Although bubblers are pretty cool too, especially when you don't have space for a bong. Like a Bong and Pipe combined. Pipes are great too though....i pretty much love everything. One of each and build your collection slowly
  8. cool thanks
    yeah i was thinking bubbler, just wanted some opinions.
    also, where should i post about trip experiences???
    cause i have a sweet one about 3D glasses from last night

  9. just pop it in the "Real Life Stories" section dude...I'll be glad to read it over !
  10. alright
    thanks man ill do that now
  11. im picking up a new bubbler tomorrow. and just so you know we see 4D or 5D or some shit like that.

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