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  1. So i just started smoking this year. when i go to school next year for my sophmore year, what do u think i should get. bong, spoon, bubbler, some different pipe. what do u guys think. also what else should i get....grinder?ashcatcher with the bong?...whatever u think lemme know. nothing really expensive. Not more that 125ish for the whole setup. Thanks :smoking::smoking::bongin:
  2. Definetly a bubbler because if your hiding it in your room a bong is just to hard to hide in the small rooms. And bubblers are far more portable to you can bring it to parties
  3. I was going to say a bubbler too, because it is a cheap bong without any frills, which is a step up from a spoon. For the amount you want to spend you could get a nice spoon or bubbler, but the bubbler would be better in my opinion. As for a bong, you could do it, but at that price, it would be very thin glass.
  4. or you could get an acrylic bong, i have a nice 15cm one i got for just 15 bucks from my headshop, and sure it isnt as great as a nice glass one, but it hits like a champ and ive dropped it from 10+ feet smoking on the bleachers onto concrete and not a scratch.
  5. you can get a pretty nice bubbler, like said already, or a pretty nice pipe for that price.

    I'd go for a nice, thick spoon/sherlock personally.

    I bought one of my fav. pipes for about 130 like 3 years ago (tagged at 180. Fucking Trails) and it's super durable. I dropped it out of my old truck from almost 2 feet above asphalt, and it literally bounced off the lower hook and the mouthpiece. Didn't break anything, just tiny scratches.
  6. I would either go with a nice bubbler ($140 will get a really nice bubbler), or a really good spoon ($80) and a good grinder ($40) and a $20-sack or a little bag for smoke kit. $140 will get an okay bong; you really need to spend a bit more on a bong, and then you can't get a grinder, and bongs are difficult to hide and take to where ever you're going to be smoking in college (not in your dorm room).

    Bubblers are awesome because they're like tiny bongs, but I think that I really like spoons better because you can enjoy good weed so much better just getting the full taste of the smoke. Plus, they're more portable - pocket sized.
  7. Yeah, i thought about that stuff. I dunno, they both have solid advantages. If i do go with the bubbler, i think i'm gonna try and get a sherlock one. Those are the sickest looking i think.

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  8. i have that same bubbler in red, yellow, white and blue, but i picked it up for 20 bucks from the asians. steal haha
  9. Have Fun With your toking, Glad I Could Help
  10. So think i'm prolly gonna try and find a well priced sherlock bubbler. Best of both worlds, easy to hide, has some water filtration, ballin looking. If i can't find a good one, then either a sherlock, or a regular bub, then a spoon bringin up the rear. Thanks guys for the great input.
  11. no problem mang, post up what you get once you get it.

    personally i'd go w/ a dry piece. Bubblers tend to be a little of a pain in the ass to get water in, and to the right level, and emptying them out, etc. Idk i always found em a pain in the ass haha. I still love em though :D

  12. CLUTCH!!!!!!!!!

    haha, ok i'll post it when i get it, but it won't be for a while, prolly not till september, or late august, when i head back out to CU. I;ll look for some good headshops out in Boulder, or just get it delivered. Theres no shops by me now, and i think it would be a little suspicious if i got a package delivered to my house, and then just went to my room to hide my new piece. lol. Even though i know my dad tokes, hes a deadhead, and i found some pipes, j's and about 1/2 an O in their bathroom when i was looking for a toothbrush lol:D:D, but he doesn't know i know, so i'd like to keep it that way.

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