What piece am I missing?

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  1. I've got (what I think is) a quality collection. My prize pieces are my SG King Stemline, my Luke Wilson 15 Arm, Ben Wilson Mini Inline w Triple Donut, and my traveler Headford Jacuzzi Bubbler. Plus, I've got a few dry pieces from over the years, and a few LHS bongs. The thing is, I feel like I'm missing a piece to kind of finish the collection (for now). Any suggestions on a must have piece? I recently bought a few of these pieces, so I'm in no rush, but the right piece would force my hand a little.
  2. a heady piece? or a big tube. maybe a dedicated oil rig.
  3. Sounds like your missing a nice worked piece. If you're looking for a quality worked piece at a decent price, look up DC glass. There's a bunch of DC beaker tubes with some nice worked sections for 400$ And the working is done by Darby, a very well known artist.

  4. I think the Kingstem counts as a big tube.

    That said, let's see a family picture and that will help us decide.
  5. You are missing a salt piece!

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